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  1. IamKing

    [Xmas Special] Free Authority Backlinks To Your Website - Manual Link Building

    Hi, We are back again with Xmas Special "Trial GRAPE Links Pack" from this service. You will get 5-6 sample links to try this service. These...
  2. IamKing

    [BHW All Time Special]Free Backlinks From All Our Services To Try - 100% Handmade Links

    Special BHW Free Trial Offer from Our Services We are giving Trial Packs of our regular link building services. 1. Get "AK Trial Links Pack"of Best Link Diversity Packages Thread. 2. Get "Cowboy Trial Links Pack"of BHW 1st Brand New Sites SEO Thread. 3. Get "GRAPE Links Trial Pack"of...
  3. IamKing

    [Unlimited Free GRAPE Links] Get New Authority Links To Your Site - Manual Link Building

    Hi, We are back again with "Sample GRAPE Links Pack" of our new service. You will get few links to test our service. These are hand made...
  4. S

    Guest Posting?

    Dear Friends, I am interested to know if anyone is keen to allow me for Guest Postings for your blogs/websites and I would be happy if you allow me 2-3 Backlinks from guest posting and your blog/site would be PR 2-10 Hope to get some positive replies and Have a nice day Yours SEO4FREE
  5. H

    Get up 10000 high quality backlinks for Free with Backlinks Submitter

  6. kbklash

    [FREE] get some free backlinks for your blog

    Don't think ,these backlinks are for human visitors.These are for several search engine spiders and bots.i tried already.fantastic service to will boost your online authority.if you have a new blog,then its a must try,as i am experienced.
  7. sfidirectory

    [GET] 1000 Verified GSA Links - PR1 to PR7

    Hi everyone, Thought I would give a New Years gift to you all... I ran GSA over Xmas with Captcha Sniper and got a few good links. There may be a few PR0's/unknown PR's in there, but the majority of links are between PR1 and PR7. Here are some stats if anyone is interested: 212 of 1008 links...
  8. E

    2000 Free Wiki Backlinks for the First 20 People

    The title says it all am giving away 2000 Wiki backlinks to the first 20 people to post on this thread. You can give me your own article or I can just scrape spin one and use it for the blast. Required: 1. Two URLs with their respective keywords 2. Article (Optional) NB: 2000 backlinks is the...
  9. N

    How to get 10,000 backlinks to your site free

    This worked for me and got me ranked 2nd on yahoo for my targeted keyword within 2 weeks. So far I haven't had the same results with the big G but hopefully with more time. Go to this website , they have a network of over 10,000 domains. Sign up for an free account and they...
  10. D

    150+ Do-Follow Forums with PR by Niche (FREE)

    Hi boys & girls just popped on a list of do(F)ollow forums and had a thought - some of them might find it useful :pirate: anyway, some of them are not do(F)ollow due to ... our efforts ;) ok - here we go, feel free to say TX and update the list Webmaster/SEO/Internet Marketing...
  11. TheRealRazzy

    FREE backlinks giveaway for August!

    THERE ARE NO MORE PACKAGES AVAILABLE! CHECK BACK THE FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER FOR MORE FREE BACKLINKS! Free Backlinks Giveaway For August! ***Please read the entire thread before asking for backlinks.*** ***This is not a sales thread.*** You Need At Least 50 Posts To Get Free Backlinks I'll...
  12. M

    5000 backlinks for life FOR FREE

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I am breaking BHW rules by trying to sell not only outside the BST section, but I never got my thread approved by a mod. Do you guys think I should go back and re-read the rules or just get banned for not following rules? Thanks, Mack
  13. L

    Could Be Stating the Obvious

    As the title say's I could be stating the obvious here. I have spent many hours,days,weeks.... (you get the picture) trying to get my head around SEO and what works and dosent, seperating the fact from the fiction is a big enough challenge alone.......Anyway I'm rambling so I'l get to the point...
  14. deiwman

    [FREE] Quality Backlink to your fresh site!

    HI THERE MY FRIENDS! THIS IS MY FIRST CONTRIBUTION TO BHW! I learned a lot here and know that if you want to index your fresh website it can be quite a pain in the ass. (not for all) So i decided to do something that can help anybody from BHW and JUST BHW members! First i will explain what i do...
  15. SERPreach

    [GET] FREE Angelina & Paul's Style Backlinks Daily

    Hello BHW members, This would be my second contribution to this wonderful forum after thread of " Newbie CPA Guide". I have tons of high PR, authoritative and IP Diversed forums/communities that allow Do-follow links within the profile page. This would be my daily contribution where I will...
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