backlink tools

  1. Rosath

    Backlink tool that reads the page content and feeds it to GPT?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a backlink tool that feeds the page's content (or at least the headers) to GPT. As far as I understand, GSA SER only feeds the keyword. My goal is to have actually relevant comments; I don't want to post unrelated, general stuff to the article. Ideally I can add my...
  2. Sanjar

    looking for backlink analysis service!

    I recently started to manage a new website. The previews webmaster made junky backlinks to the money site. I will provide a full list of the backlinks in a CSV file and I need someone to check them all one by one. 1- find any possible harmful links. 2- find any links with duplicate contents...
  3. martinkook

    The best backlink Building tool

    i am a newbie in seo and i have a site i will like to rank but when i look at my competitors back link profile, they have 200k backlinks. Its practically impossible for me to do that manually. I want to know the best backlink building tool i can use or some tools that can help me out build...
  4. B

    5 Tools For Building Free High PR Backlinks Online

    Backlinks are very important for your ranking on SERPs and site traffic. If you ever intend to rank high on any search engine then you must start building high PR backlinks to your site. Though in recent times there has been some depreciation of relevance attached to backlinks in Google's...
  5. MoneyIsTheGod

    Twitter Money Bot - All In One Twitter Marketing Software And SEO Tools!

    Get thousands of twitter followers or visitors to your websites! We finally released v3.5, the real twitter marketing and internet marketing monster. With all the features of our newest version of the Twitter Money Bot, it has everything that you need in order to grow your base of followers...
  6. J

    I need Backlink tool

    Hello everyone, I am looking for back link tool to help me find where my competitors have hardlinks or banners and any links pointing to them. I would go and ask websites and pay to have my link up but short after I would see my competitors following me .. so I figured out they must have tools...
  7. blackhattrial

    backlink tool to backlink

    I want to buy a backlink tool and would be continue buying different tools Please suggest what should I buy Blog commenting/forum poster/bookmarking or any other software scrapebox and scrapeboard were on my top priority but post panda and penguin I would like to take your...
  8. P

    Backlinking Guide With These Tools

    Hi all, Just wondering what your thoughts are on how best to go about backlinking with the tool set that I have and any "essential" tools that I am missing out on that could magnify the efforts of the current tools. Tools: Article Marketing Robot Submiteaze Web Traffic Genius Sick Submitter...
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