5 Tools For Building Free High PR Backlinks Online

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Apr 3, 2016
Backlinks are very important for your ranking on SERPs and site traffic. If you ever intend to rank high on any search engine then you must start building high PR backlinks to your site. Though in recent times there has been some depreciation of relevance attached to backlinks in Google's Penguin updates. Especially those webmasters who used all sorts of link building schemes to increase backlinks pointing to their sites. Google and other major search engines still will rank your site higher on their search engine result pages, SERPs based on the number of backlinks that links back to your site, especially when this link are coming from reputable and high PR sites.

High PR backlinks are the best kind of backlinks you can ever wish for your sites. Its a clear illustration of link juice exchange from sites that are already reputable and respected by Google.

The Google Page rank is a factor developed by Google to rank websites based on its reputability. Its better to only build high PR backlinks as this will skyrocket your site rankings on SERPs.

For instance, Google ranks the domain authority of a site based on its native Page Rank , a algorithm which ranks websites based on the number of links that points to the site. Sites like Facebook, Twitter have millions of backlinks and as such have a Page Rank of 9 respectively. Backlinks is one the main factors of SEO, the more high quality backlinks that point to your site, the more increased ranking for your site on search engine result pages. The number of backlinks pointing to a webpage determines how relevant the webpage is and by extension its ranking on SERPs.

What is a Backlink

Backlink simply means a link that links to your site from another site.

Below are some terms used in backlink;

Do-follow link: This refers to a link to your website with the ******** tag that actually passes a link to your website.
No-follow link: The no-follow tag instructs search engine robots not to follow the link, which in essence means that the link does not pass to your site.
Link juice: This refers to when a link is linked to a webpage on your site. If it contains the do-follow tag, it passes a link juice, but if it contains the no-follow tag, it doesn't pass a link juice.
Understanding what a backlink is, backlink terms, and how important backlinks are for the ranking of your site. I will go ahead to least 5 backlink tools that you can use to build high PR backlinks to your site. Note: too much of anything is bad. Using this tools once or twice every month is good to avoid Google penalty.

All the tools here are manually verified and will only create high PR backlinks to your site from high PR sites.

Continue at the link for the complete list.
I take it this thread is to promote your site?
Shame that both the thread, post and article are rubbish.
The tools you listed will create low value links from stat sites.
They were useful to give a little boost to new sites years ago but really aren't worth the effort these days.
Also you need to forget about PR as it is no longer publicly updated.
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