backlink tool

  1. S

    [Help Needed] Which Comment Backlink Tool are these two websites using? I want to know Which Comment Backlink Tool are these two websites using? Please help I'm in deep trouble! Thanks for help
  2. tcvatandasi

    Backlink Generator PRO - Unlimited Comment Backlinks [60K Free Backlink List]

    Backlink Generator PRO - Unlimited Comment Backlinks [60K Free Backlink List] - What is Backlink Pro - It collects strong and secure backlinks for your site by posting thousands of comments on Wordpress-based sites. You can collect the backlink sources of the target sites via Ahrefs and...
  3. Synapses

    ⚡Wordpess Auto Comment Bot | Advanced Backlink Tool⚡

    What is the WordPress Auto Comment Bot? WordPress auto comment bot is a professional tool for creating backlinks and advertising, with this software you can send comments to WordPress sites automatically! So you will be able to get thousands of backlinks and improve your website’s SEO and...
  4. D

    Which backlink tool are able to build on these networks?

    My client bought a gig and found a report with 1000 links used as tier 2 links coming from different sites like basically a thousand of this kind of sites. They all look the same to me. Is there a backlink tool that...
  5. andy2009

    Tool to check if backlinks exists (Win10)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a tool for my Windows computer where I simply add all backlink urls and the tool checks to see if there is a link to my site. It should do this on schedule and alert me when missing. Free or Paid doesn't matter. If you know of a cheap online tool (for 10k+ links)...
  6. Viku

    [GIVEAWAY] Claim Your Competitor's Backlinks data from Ahrefs

    Friends, I'm giving away ahrefs backlink analysis. You can either request analysis of your own domain or your competitor. I suggest going through your competitor as this going to help you to create links which your competitor has. To make process smooth I request you to go through 2 steps...
  7. adtech1

    Looking for Blog commenting software [paid/free]

    I am looking for a good blog commenting software that will harvest blog posts with relevant keyword and post suitable comments. Semi Automatic blog commenting will also do. Any Suggestions?
  8. W

    New baclinking tool?

    Received an email today from one of the marketers promoting this new tool called "Ant multinator 1c". Anyone tried this? What type of link does this builds? The sale page does not say anything about the types of links it builds.
  9. zoomsixx

    New tool, Instant Backlink Explorer

    Here are some of the most important data points that are displayed for each and every backlink check: Monthly Link Velocity Daily New/Lost Links Nofollow vs ******** ? Visual Link Explorer Link Profile Authority...
  10. T

    [REQ] Backlink Index Express ( + RSS = backlinks)

    I found this interesting looking script and I wanted to see if anybody had tried it or even better, would share it! Not affiliate link: Not exactly sure how it works, but it basically takes your blog posts, uses...
  11. Z

    Tools to get backlinks to index faster?

    Hi guys, I'm still a newbie here. I have a website and I know I've created many backlinks. I created maybe about 100+ backlinks and it's been about 2 months plus now. The website is indexed. In fact, it was indexed very fast within one day as I'm using an article directory. The problem is the...
  12. X

    How To Build Niche Rich Backlinks(For Newbies))

    Hey Guys....I'm doing a little drinking tonight selebrating my quantum leap from dial up to DSL.So i'll do my best. You here alot about building backlinks for more website traffic and better rankings.And there is alot of software around to achieve this.The problem with alot of software out...
  13. bananahands

    PR Stumble - Anyone heard of it?

    Haven't seen this discussed here so I thought I'd start a thread. I was doing some searching around about PR St0rm & finding mixed reviews and then found an article discussing PR Stumble. It looks alright but I've never heard anything about it. It looks to be about the same format as PR St0rm...
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