backlink software

  1. seoforlife12467

    Just Purchased Backlinks Indexer Software. Is it a good option?

    I just purchased Backlinks indexer software, It was only $7. Is it a good option to make backlinks for my youtube videos, Fiverr account, etc? I believe it came out in 2018. Anyone use it here? Reviews?
  2. R

    Tools for creating Web 2.0s for tier 1 and 2

    Hey there I will be manually creating web 2.0s for tier one but I want my tier 2 links to be web 2.0s aswell. Which do you think is best for creating lots of decent web 2.0s for tier 2 or maybe even tier 1. Fcs networker, ultimate demon, or the linkjuicer?
  3. fullypak

    Any one use or knows about this back linking tool callled - sweetsubmitter

    Hello, I'm not promoter or any affiliate for this website - I saw this new software and thought of getting feedback from BHW experts. After google update - is it good to use these kind of comment posting softwares? According to site details - here are product features. Sweet Submitter...
  4. F

    Looking for a good software solution for building backlink. Any advice?

    Hi to everybody. I am new in forum and looking for a good software solution about backlink building. If you have used any of them I like to hear your advice. And I have to say that my websites content is in Turkish language. Would it be problem? That would be great if you share your thoughts...
  5. RobotDestruct

    Automatic Backlink Software For Mac?

    Can someone tell me if there are ANY good programs for automatic backlinking for Imac or automatic commenting, forum profile... ANYTHING at all... Not to excited to run a different OS just to run a program, but open to amazing suggestions. Anyone, please?
  6. E

    Giving away Backlink Software and more...

    On my website I have a link to download Backlink Blitz (software), and there's also a link for 3 Free Video Squeeze Page Templates if anyone is interested... Why? Periodically I like to give away free stuff as a good reason for people to visit my website, and im fairly new here so this give me...
  7. C

    SMF (Simple Machine Forums) Backlink Software

    Hi, Anyone here can recommend a good software which can automatic create profile, create signature, auto by passed any question during registration, auto fill username, password and email for SMF (Simple Machine Forums) If anyone here know what software can do all this things, please let me...
  8. I

    Best BackLink Software?

    I was thinking of RUMER but the account is suspended. I have a number of jewelry sites and want to do the back linking in house. I am tired of hiring the so called ''experts''. Do you have some ideas of software that will help with back links? THANKS............................
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