Any one use or knows about this back linking tool callled - sweetsubmitter

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    I'm not promoter or any affiliate for this website - I saw this new software and thought of getting feedback from BHW experts.

    After google update - is it good to use these kind of comment posting softwares?

    According to site details - here are product features.

    Sweet Submitter Product Features:

    Easy to use and features a fully automated link building engine

    Can automatically harvest and scrape target links

    Doesn't need any additional Private Proxy IP's or VPN's

    Can work 24/7 on our cloud backend - no stability issues or slow-down of your PC

    Can automatically ping your backlinks for better indexation

    Can work without requiring almost any editing to the configuration

    No limit to the amount of backlinks you can receive

    Easily customizable

    Will get you 1000's of targeted backlinks - meaning better ranking and more traffic to your website!
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    I dont think right now is there any software better than GSA,