backconnect proxies

  1. Pulsare

    ☄️☄️☄️ UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH RESIDENTIAL PROXIES ☑️ 32M+ Worldwide IPs ☑️ Rotating & Sticky Sessions ✨ 35% OFF FOR BHW MEMBERS ✨

    Frequently Asked Questions: Q) Do you take crypto payments? A) Yes, we take crypto, please contact us by opening a ticket in our discord server or email us at [email protected] Q) Is there a discount for BHW Members? A) Yes! Please reply to this thread with "Pulsare Residential Proxy Discount"...
  2. fishbelly86onions

    [WTB] Backconnect proxies script or solution for tunelling proxies over openVPN

    Hey, so idea is simple : - I have VPS with attached 100 proxies to it, proxies auth goes threw IP so they works only on this server - I need to be able to use them on 3 my servers - So I want to attach them on this IP, and on that server running script or openVPN or something to tunell them and...
  3. bmorgan

    Please recommend a Backconnect Residential proxy for Google CTR bot

    Hi BHW friends, I want to send traffic to my website using a traffic bot. Can you recommend a Backconnect Residential proxy provider? Especially if you have had experience of using it with CTR improvement.
  4. Moobs

    Which companies provide good Backconnects?

    Can anyone recommend a company that can provide good backconnects at a reasonable price with unlimited bandwidth? I've tried a number of companies and frankly all have been shit with bad IPs assigned to the ports about 50% of the time. Here's the list of services I have tried and DO NOT...
  5. Andrew696

    Scrapy and proxies: expert needed to find bottleneck/s

    I need help to find the bottleneck and fine tuning my scrapy/python based scraper. Im scraping products from Amazon (Italy at the moment) but struggling with overall requests throughput. Using backconnect rotating proxies: StormProxies (50 threads plan) + Proxyrotator (100 threads) + TOR but...
  6. poweronics

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  7. Brickbat1

    Video Tutorial to setup 4G Android Static Proxy or BackConnect RotatingProxy with ip:port VPS access

    So at last here is a detailed video tutorial on how to set up your own 4G Android proxy, whether static or rotating or on-demand ip switching. After watching this video, everyone should be able to make their own 4G proxies that you can access from your vps through an access ip : port. Enjoy!
  8. Flipnode


    >> Click Here To Order << Special 18% Lifetime Discount For BHW Members How to get it? Please like and reply to this thread "Send me the Flipnode discount". We will send you a unique discount code via private message. FAQ Q. Do you provide trials or review memberships? A. We provide a premium...
  9. Brickbat1

    √√ Rotating Mobile 4G/LTE proxies For Account Creation/Management,Scraping & Social Media ($50/m)

    Mobile IPs are the perfect way to fly under the radar of many website services. This is simply because by design, very many users share one ip on a mobile network. This service is perfect for account registrations, web scraping, social media botting and marketing campaigns. Bulk email is not...
  10. Brickbat1

    Setup your own Mobile 3G/4G Rotating Proxy with your Android Phone

    Hi, This works perfectly if you are not running your campaigns on a remote VPS. If you just run them on your home pc and you have an Android Phone with a 3G/4G connection, then you do not need to buy Backconnect rotating proxies, you can set them up yourself.:) First you will need an Android...
  11. Infatica White Label Proxies, Truly Residential, Wide Coverage/Anonymous/Unlimited Bandwidth

  12. C

    Backconnect proxies cheap and support Socks Protocol?

    Hello! Any one know Backconnect proxies cheap and support Socks Protocol? Thank
  13. T

    i need proxy in bulk with port 25 open

    i need proxy in bulk with port 25 open and i will be using this for mass mailing i would prefer private proxy and i can pay upto 4$ - 10$ per proxy for an month for backconnect proxy , residential proxy , shared proxy i need to checkout in spamhus before any commitment but if your...
  14. Alex Fletcher

    Real Residential IPs That Work With ANY Web Service - Don't Get Blocked Again | GeoSurf

    Cancellation And Refund Policy The cancellation terms are as defined in GeoSurf™ Terms of service. The service is provided as-is; There are no refunds.
  15. Alex Fletcher

    Backconnect Residential Proxies | GeoSurf

    GeoSurf is pleased to offer you a special deal on our Residential Backconnect Proxies for BlackHatWorld members. Our proxies work with any website or web service. Features: Unblockable Residential IPs - Don’t get blocked or misled again.2 Million Unique IPs - We are constantly adding new, virgin...
  16. P

    What type of proxy solution do I need? BackConnect? Residential? Session Control?

    Requirements: 1) Lots of tiny virtual machies (each with own IP) that need proxies 2) Need full anonymity AND stealth, so something like Tor is out as it leaves it's own fingerprint 3) Each needs only 1 proxy at a time as it is being used for a particular social media profile 4) I'm...
  17. Clus03

    WTB: US backconnect/private proxies for mailing

    Hello, I'm looking for proxy providers who sell either backconnect USA rotating proxies that work with SMTP mailing or who can provide private bulk USA mailing proxies. I already know about StormProxies, they work ok for me, but can't find any others. If they are just private IPs i need large...
  18. Phackistanouche

    Scrape site, switch proxies, bypass captchas - 80$

    Hello, I need someone who can make me a script/bot that will run constantly on my Linux server. No GUI needed, only with command lines. What does it do? It must "browse" some specific webpages and when visiting these pages, bypass the captcha shown, usually google recaptcha. Then it changes...
  19. B

    Rotating Proxies For Web Scraping

    Does anyone know of a reliable vendor for rotating/backconnect proxies that can be used for Web Scraping. It would be good if the vendor offered even a day of free trial because the last couple of times I tried such proxies, many of the proxies didn't work and were blacklisted already Thanks
  20. E

    I Need Backconnected Proxies for SQLI Dumper and get Accounts from my Sites

    Srs. I need to test and verify security of my websites constantly, i manage thousands of databases and i must keep them protected, also i must check how is the security of my sites for account checkers, for that i need a fast and Backconnected rotating proxies to test them with different...