back link checker

  1. Codov

    Google Sheets. PBN. It's a joke?

    I'm shocked by the information that people keep records in G. Sheets. Has no one heard that these files are indexed? Or maybe I'm paranoid, and everyone who talks about it is liars and scoundrels? I'm not against G. Sheets, it would be very convenient, but we are working on PBN for not one...
  2. GNews

    Hey... Let me see Your List of sites

    Hey, As a professional and person who's had the experience to see HOW FAST people 'pimp' websites with trash content and/or get them exposed to Google for posting paid for content, by lists to thousands of people.................. I wonder why do so many people ask to see domains when obvious...
  3. F

    I Discovered Lots Of Spammy/Bad Links To My Website.... Help!!!

    Hey guys, So, I noticed a lot of terrible links on my website and I wonder who would be so wicked to do that to me. My website is 3 years old and was doing so well until sometime in 2019, My rankings dropped drastically. I never noticed the links. I always used a backlink checker tool to see...
  4. akshay_saini

    Does free backlink checker tool display all backlinks of the website?

    Hello, I examined a website backlink from a free backlink checker tool which presented a total of 7 backlinks of that website. is result correct that website only has a total of 7 backlinks?
  5. wikimaldives

    best tool to analyse backlinks

    Can anyone suggest me a good tool to analyze backlinks?
  6. S

    Group Buy of SEO Tools?

    Hi, Does anyone know where i can buy access to bulk seo tools? There are some guys from india/pakistan that sell trial access to tools and you can use most or all of the features. The problem is that many times they forget to update them and then some tools stop working. Does anyone know of...
  7. M

    Need a site reference or software for free back link check.

    Been looking for free back link checker but all are paid they give few back links do anyone know the solution how can I get my competitor's back link at free of cost??
  8. S

    Penalized in Google, Rank #1 on Bing ?

    Hi Guys, I got an email from Google saying that i have not kept up with there best practices and want me to obey! I rank pretty well on Bing and I am still making money although its down 50%. Now, if I remove all the questionable links ( i have done link exchange, not paid for any...
  9. keytenx

    Tool/Software to download backlinks

    Hey guys, i would like to ask if what is the tool/software that you use to download all of your backlinks. Im planning to filter it to put in disavow tool. I have tried using ahref but it only export 500 backlinks (free account). I would appreciate the help guys. :)
  10. T


    Started a new site not sure how many of my backlinks are working .Anyone know how long it takes for backlinks to show up in something like backlinkcheck or any other way to check?
  11. blackma .... spam?

    Hey I have just read through what ForumlinkBuilding has on offer. Seems good but this be all xrumer or scrapebox spamming right? For just shy of 4 grand they offer this package which seems to be clearly the best value for money. Total number of guaranteed permanent, one-way text backlinks...
  12. terry56

    Yahoo Site Explorer is going Away because of Bing

    Seen this post UAW on uniquearticlewizard website about how Microsoft are going to hide bac klink data soon. GOOD NEWS is majestic seo has kept a huge DB of site data that's currently free- read post below for details. Here is a section of the post:
  13. C

    Looking for a Back link checker tool

    I'm looking for a tool, free if possible (although I don't mind paying) that will basically find all of my incoming links and incoming links to my competitors sites. That's it basically. :) I used SEO elite a couple of years back, I'm pretty sure I didn't pay $50 a month for it though...
  14. C

    Does anyone have the tool to check backlinks on a current url (not the root domain)?

    I need to check a competitor page, which is ultra strong, and has a higher Page Rank than the main page of his website...:o
  15. T

    20 Free Backlinks Checker Tools,Link Popularity Tools

    According to Google- High Quality linking is a significant factor in Google?s ranking algorithms. In fact, Google has dedicated a fair number of posts in its blog to educate us about the importance of having good quality backlinks. For the Complete list visit...
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