b2b marketing

  1. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2B Product/Service, My Linkedin Outreach

    If you are looking to increase sales of your proven B2B Product / Service I can out reach on your behalf through Linkedin. % negotiable, though I will need to be able to track sales.
  2. leadsplanet

    Linkedin email scraper l cold email sending l affiliate email marketing l lead generation

    Leadsplanet.co Support: join.skype.com/invite/EZJnsQYgUWlX Website chat support is available from 10am to 5pm CET, from Monday to Friday. Please allow us up to 24 hours if your request is technical. Refund 100% refund in case of a system malfunction caused a problem Bonus Leave us a review...
  3. C


    Can any one please help me with a couple of B2B market places please please please
  4. Syntell

    Fresh Out The Womb And Into The Fire

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and getting a better understanding of every aspect of the the IM world. I have a lot of interest in learning everything about gathering a using lead capture, especially for B2B sales. Please feel free to...
  5. GringoMonkey

    [JV]- I Provide Clients for Your B2B Services or Products

    I have a pretty efficient sales funnel targeting small business and am looking to expand the offers I make to them. If you sell products or services that help a small business grow then I would be interested in hearing from you. If this JV interests you please PM me with a link to your website...
  6. S

    Favorite affiliate network for B2B Automotive related

    Hey just wondering what affiliate network everyone is using for B2B automotive stuff like directories and parts.
  7. Marketing_Maven

    B2B Youtube Channel

    Hey guys, Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the use of Youtube for Business to Business Marketing? If you have done it, what was your experience, was it successful, and was it overallyworth it?
  8. Kingoo

    [WTB] UK business email list

    Looking for a list of UK business emails (b2b only). Please read the requirements below. Targeted businesses are Cafe, Bars, and Restaurants only. The emails must be domains emails i.e [email protected]. The list must be fresh (max 3 months old) Must be clean from any spamtrap, honeypots etc...
  9. shad williams

    What is the Best Sales strategy for B2B technology services?

    Hello Friends can i know What is the Best Sales strategy for B2B technology services
  10. DunDidIt2X

    {METHOD}***Email Spamming Loophole ***- See How I Made $2k+ In A Few Days

    Video of method below, but please read this first... First let me say this method can easily be scaled up so you can make much more than what I did in this test run. So, this is sort of a Part # 2 for a method I revealed about 4 or 5 months ago. If you haven't seen that method, I'd suggest...
  11. H

    Need Advice on Selling Business2Business Databases

    Hi Guys, My first post here, would be very thankful for any advice. So I have a large amount of B2B data, including phone number, name, email, address etc. for a wide range of different business niche's. The databases contain around 50,000 entries each, all contained within an excel document...
  12. L

    SEO Tips for B2B industry

    I was wondering if anyone can share tips regarding SEO for B2B industry. My site is a B2B product site, which is into Company Research, Market Research, that sells reports etc. I have seen a lot of B2B competitors doing paid PR's, Articles, Blogs, etc. Even I'm doing Articles and Blogs. Also...
  13. C

    How to make 100$ from youtube partner

    hello friends, I have more then 300 videos in my channel and more then 7500 subscriber and i am youtube partner but my earning is very low some one guide me how to increase my earning
  14. B

    New B2B affiliate program with 50% recurring LIFETIME commission

    We have just launched our affiliate program for our B2B recruitment/coaching tool. We are looking for affiliates with B2B traffic to sign up now. Here are the facts: 50% recurring monthly commission for the life of the customer Incredibly high retention rate, measured in years not months...
  15. seoguy81

    Good incoming traffic but no conversions - B2B

    I do a little side project for a friend's business that is into offering B2B services. Within the niche, I managed to set up a content scraper (with links back to original source) that publishes any news/PR from the niche in order to keep the site alive The site gets around 80 unique visits a...
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