What is the Best Sales strategy for B2B technology services?

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    Hello Friends can i know What is the Best Sales strategy for B2B technology services
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    The best marketing strategy is a targeted one - allowing you to reach companies fitting your ideal customer profile in the easiest way possible.

    1) Start with your network
    Approach your closest network to get feedback on your solution. If people become interested, deals will get signed as a by-product.

    Plus, ask a lot if people know potential clients for your company. Referrals are golden leads, and your closest network should be interested enough in helping you to referr you easily.

    You can use Linkedin to generate referral leads more easily, here's how.

    2) Success stories
    Build your portfolio and make sure to create and publish case studies. Show that you've helped similar companies that prospects can identify with.

    At the beginning, it took us two months to finish our first case studies (you can't just create a case study, the client has to approve before you publish it), but the effects on sales were amazing:
    - we started to get leads from reccomendations
    - we closed more deals, faster - showing a case study is a great argument to overcome objections, you're basically saying "talk to this gal, she does what you do and she was very happy with us!".


    3) Cold email
    Low customer-acquisition cost, scalable and (more than other strategies) predictable. It's not rocket science, at least in theory:
    -define your ideal customer profile
    -build a list of companies to approach
    -mine contact data
    -write & send email sequences (introduction + multiple follow-ups)

    But that's just the tip of the iceberg - I could write lengthy articles on all 4 points. It's achievable though, and the end result is awesome - a steady stream of leads in your inbox everyday.

    This article will help you define what you need to set-up in-house cold email lead generation.

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    4) Content marketing & social media
    Start writing a blog, do guest posts on popular blogs, share quality know-how and industry insights. Engage with influencers on twitter and on their blogs.

    What's important - it's a long road, but in the long run you can lower your CAC significantly, because people will arrive at your site looking for value - and they will find exactly what they need.


    This strategy is kind of double-edged. Quality content is a great way to deal with customer objections without having to negotiate - clients simply visit your blog and your expertise becomes the main argument to buy. But that's not how you get a ton of leads from content marketing.

    Getting a ton of leads requires research, analysis, indulging in dataporn. You need to be aware of how customers view your solution, what answers do they need. How do they google it? Who would they listen to and who would they ignore? How can you align content with your overall sales strategy? Etc., etc..

    A lot of questions need to be answered, and you'll need to constantly improve the quality and try to nail your customers' pain points better. But the payoff can be incredible ROI at some point in the future.

    5) Partnerships
    A lot of other (bigger, better established) companies have the same target as you. You can try arranging a partnership deal, for instance based on revenue share. If this seems like a good strategy for you, start taking steps towards it right now. It takes months or even years to work out good partnership deals.

    You can't depend on this strategy completely - if you don't know how to sell your product/service, no-one else will do it for you.

    But as a side-strategy, it can give you an awesome boost.


    6) Networking events
    Find the right events - the ones where you'll find customers fitting your ideal customer profile. Schedule meetings pre-event, become a speaker if possible. Maybe sponsor it? Whatever works for you - as long as your customers attend and you find a way to reach them amidst all the noise.

    p/s: This is a guest post by Piotr Zaniewicz, CEO @RightHello.