1. Cafien

    New Member!

    Hi everyone, I came across this amazing forum last night looking for info. I can't believe I didn't know such a community existed. It seems everyone here fully supports the online hustle. Just so that everyone knows though, I am a COMPLETE noob. I don't know jack. I am currently learning...
  2. T

    Felt motivated today!

    Decided to write a small book today got a lot done. Now all I have to do is make a website on said book and get it out there to the people. This forum really keeps me motivated and to go after my goals and what I need to get done. The reason why I decided to write a book is because why not use...
  3. yuma

    Hi I'm Yuma, please go easy on me

    I'm here to learn online money-making and make new friends. And hopefully I will also be able to contribute something useful here. I've read the rules but I can't be too sure that I will not make any mistakes because sh*t happens so please go easy on me and warn me before reporting me. Thankies!
  4. F

    Hey Guys I'm new here! Want to learn and grow

    Slow and steady. :)
  5. Young Stone

    Young Stone the Young Entepreneur from Sweden

    Hello Black Hat Word, I'm Young Stone which might be a quite peculiar name. At the time of creating it I wanted it to give a hint that I am Young and a stoner. But not only am I a stoner, I am an entrepreneur working "full time" from home, managing two Shopify stores, two discord moneymaking...
  6. W

    Today will be a good day

    07.07.2017 :) Have a Fucking Awesome day Black Hatters! :cool:
  7. I

    Need help getting to the Vine 'Popular Now' page

    Hello, I'm looking to get to the 'Popular Now' page on Vine. If anyone can help me with this, please contact me as soon as possible. Willing to pay a good amount for this service as well. :D Thanks in advance!
  8. undertakernd

    Cheap, reliable and solid web hosting for software downloads website ?

    Hey there. Just like I mentioned in my title, I need a cheap and awesome web hosting with following criteria: Free .net domain name (not necessary if the hosting is very cheap, I can purchase it later) About 20 GB of space FTP account, of course E-mail accounts, scripts, databases, stats...
  9. motzart

    [Simple Method] My Personal Twist To Benefit On BOTH Sides Of The Transaction

    Here's my new method. I've learned A TON from BHW, and now it is my opportunity to give back a little method of mine. (For reference, I came to BHW about a year and a half ago with $0. I'm a 17 year old kid, and after tons of reading and work, I've made about $4,000 so far, with no initial...
  10. silentthunder

    What Would You Do If You Couldn't Fail?

    "Who or what would you be if you had no fear?" -Zen Quote
  11. U

    [FREE] Twitter Accounts for BHW members!

    So, I've been on BHW for years, but recently I created a new account and have been lurking and taking things that I wanted to use but have not (on new account) returned the favor. It's time to do so. I have approximately 10k Twitter accounts (comes with email also) that I would like to give...
  12. S

    [Random] Yeah.... Food!

    I'm starving right now... It's one of those days that I am too lazy to get up and cook something. I just keep getting hungrier. So let's talk about it! What's your favorite lazy food!? :croc:
  13. johandr

    What do you think of this MW2 montage?

    hey! what do you guys think of this sick mw2 montage? i think its pretty awesome! your thoughts?
  14. A

    A Modest Journey to $32.87/day - a Student Journal

    I'd like to start by thanking Siekk. His thread inspired my roommate to inspire me to do this and I am using his first post as a template for my second post. I'll start by addressing the most obvious question: how did you end up with $32.87/day? Well, $32.87 a day is exactly $12,000 a year...
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