1. J

    Embedded Videos From YouPorn Not Working Anymore On Mobile

    You might be in the same boat as me so I'm thinking about what to do next. I always thought embedding videos is the way to go mainly because of the server resources but this makes me think twice. Namely, all the videos embedded from YouPorn are not playing on mobile anymore, instead, every...
  2. T

    (Looking to Buy) VCC info to create 100s of Amazon Prime Buyer Accounts

    Need a supplier of VCCs. I need this to create a lot of Amazon Prime Buyer accounts. Each account needs to be able to last for about 4-10+ purchases or until Prime free trial runs out with this information. Need VCC to get 1 month of prime free trial on Amazon Buyer Accounts. Looking for a...
  3. FrankDoe

    Somebody knows how update AVS (Adult Video Script)?

    Hi all, i know that blackhatworld read adult webmaster Can anybody give an advice about how to update such cool AVS (Adult Video Script) from 3.0 to 7.0? It doesn't contain any information about it in documentation from developer! What should i do? Do i need Just overwrite FTP files? And what...
  4. msmachette

    AVS WP Plugin

    It would sure be the bees-knees if Adult Video Submitter provided a wordpress plug in... *hint* hint*
  5. H

    Anyone had this issue with AVN Submitter?? Help!

    HI! I've just subscribed to AVS Adult video submitter and It's NOT posting any videos whenever I submit. Accounts are created but usually I get "Submission site timeout" and FAILED status. I've been contacting AVS people but no answer. So I want to ask if someone here also experienced the same...
  6. soothsayerpg

    Please upload at least one video thumb! AVS

    As the title says. Has anybody encounter this when trying (Tried many times to no success) to embed from other porn site using adult video script (AVS3.1)?
  7. B

    Advanced Video Submitter alternative for mac

    hello, is there any Advanced Video Submitter for Adult alternative for mac?? thank you!
  8. This Web Guy

    AVS Video Script Advice

    Hey, I just need some info on the AVS script and mass video grabber before I purchase, i'm hoping someone who has it can help me. - Does the grabber 'frame' the videos in does it actually download and upload the video to my own server? - If it uses the 'frame' option, which I am hoping it...
  9. D

    Can anyone write me a AVS 1.x Video Grabber Class site file for 1 site?

    Hi all, Does anyone here write custom AVS video grabber class files? Thanks for any replies...
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