1. O

    Autosurfing and link shortening services

    Hi all, I realize that the topic is as old as the world, but still interested in the question: at the moment there are link shortening services that will accept traffic from autosurfing? If anyone has such sites, I will be a ref.
  2. droidman

    Hitleap alternative

    Hi guys i need an alternative to hitleap since it's gone (i think) i had millions of traffic there but if i remember correctly they closed the website. I just need a free or cheap similar service that has geotargeting so i can get visits only from the country i want. thanks in advance
  3. Orozuz

    Using a redirect to hide traffic source

    Hi! I'm planning to use an autosurf website (I see a website for x seconds, accumulate points and then my website gets views) but the site I want to send the traffic doesn't allow autosurf methods. If I mask the url with a domain I bought, is it traceable? or that redirect is enought to hide the...
  4. E

    Where to buy cheap vps with bitcoins? and autosurf with vps, do it works?

    Hi i want to buy some cheap vps 5$ or less to try if a 24/7 autosurf vps farm worth I want to try the vps with and other similar sites at the same time but idk if it works But first i want the vps
  5. N

    Can you still make money with HitLeap?

    I've accumulated a couple thousand HitLeap points and trying to figure out how to monetize them. I read some of the old posts and it seems like using ****** or AdSense will just result in me getting banned. Do you have any other recommendations on how I can make a little extra money?
  6. G

    Looking for pages of autosurf ptp

    Hello . Looking for ptp autosurf sites similar to this Knows someone like that?
  7. G

    What kind of hosting under autosurf ?

    Hello. Needs an autosurf script with PTP (Paid-to-Promote), a referral system on several levels. Does anyone know where you can get this? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  8. Topiano

    Your Autosurf Traffic My method ..

    I have a method that can earn good amount of $$ ... But I need someone that is ready to Real traffic /Auto surf traffic that would work efficiently for this system. If you know you can provide daily Autosurf traffic ... Then we can deal . Please add me on Skype: digitalsnipper Regards
  9. A

    [GET] Bounce Rate Optimizer

    Dear BHW Members, I created this small tool to myself, and I decided to share it with you for free. The concept is easy. This script will reduce bounce rate of TE, autosurf, bot traffic to ZERO. As this is a free stuff, support is limited, but I will help you with this forum, if you need! You...
  10. I

    Traffic exchanger - autosurf with cheapest credits

    Hi, I would like to ask you if you don't know about some traffic exchange program - autosurf, which is the cheapest, in case of paying for credits for surfing your sites. I am used to Hitleap and Otohits, but the number of delivered hits via these programs is decreasing, so I decided to look...
  11. I - revolutionary traffic exchange autosurf

    HiddenHit - revolutionary traffic exchange autosurf Surf & earn credits from every PC and stay hidden!!! Our revolutionary traffic exchanger offers you these exclusive features: -silent, non visible Windows application -very low CPU requirements, because everything is running silently on...
  12. T

    Bitcoin Autosurf Robot

    Does anyone know of an autosurf bot that surfs websites that will pay in Bitcoin? Please PM me if you do. Thanks
  13. incomesurfer

    Can I use Autosurf or free traffic on PPV networks?

    hello guys, can I use autosurf or free traffic site on PPV networks like popads? or my account will get banned by doing this? Thanks for your reply:prof01:
  14. N

    CPM ads + Iframe/Autosurf/Popunder traffic, works?

    I have a question, is possible to put like 10 CPM banners in a page from different ad networks, and generate traffic with Iframe/Autosurf/Popunder sites? Or is this idea just pretty dumb?
  15. P

    Ways to make money from autosurfs?

    I'm new to IM, and was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to monetize auto surf exchanges? Besides selling the traffic, is there any other ways to use them to make money? Thanks!
  16. dragondf

    Autosurf sites - share your experience here

    Autosurf sites - share your experience here First of all: I have read a lot about this here in this forum. We have some posts here and in Google you can find THOUSANDS OF AUTOSURF web sites. The problem is that almost all of them do not work fine. So, you need to test each one and this TAKES...
  17. onlinemarketnow

    Autosurf Site

    Hi, does anyone here owns an auto surf site and want to trade traffic?
  18. onlinemarketnow

    Paid Traffic Alternative

    Just a little advice for those of you who currently pay others for web traffic. Most of them are auto surf programs which you can always setup your own. Most of them are robots and are NOT real humans. The Alternative: Do some autopligg blast. If you do 1 autopligg blast a day, it will...
  19. O

    freemillionautosurf trick.

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere so thought i'd share this very simple discovery I had with you all. This isn't a huge deal but it is still a small addition that you can use to increase (sleightly) your online income, particularly good for new people trying to make their first $$. So with...
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