1. LeftyLuke

    Autoposting to forum threads in 2021

    Ive been looking into software that does the above, but I don't necessarily want to focus on linkbuilding, primary focus is to built trustworthy accounts by posting engaging content. Is there a tool that is able to watch a folder or an rss that updates new posts with images that I can push in a...
  2. Akhil Arya

    Best Automation/Autoposting Software ??

    Hello guys I am looking for the best autoposting software which can do following :- 1.) Create Unlimited FB Accounts 2.) Auto Join FB Groups 3.) Auto Post in FB Groups 4.) Instagram Automation etc. I currently know about Jarvee, Ninja Blaster & FollowLiker Can you guys please suggest which...
  3. munna7

    facebook auto profile posting

    i have five facebook accounts and i want to post in all fb accounts at once is there any way plz help me
  4. A

    FreeAutoBlogger The most good autoposting tool for blogspot

    Well, im trying this program. You cant find it here. freeautoblogger Is there any way of making autoposting from this program, looks more unique ? Can we ''edit'' the html part of the blog and make it ok with google adsence and google general ? Can someone expert help me ? If we can achieve to...
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