Autofilling wordpress site in 2019

    Hi, guys! Setting up right now site which will scrap content from english sites and post it in my native language. I think, the text is gonna be shit, but that doesn't matter. I wonder, how quickly google will notice that and remove my blog from index? And is it possible with this method get...
  2. callmemaximillian

    Up To Date Form Autofill Software?

    Hello, I read through the forum, but couldn`t find information about the up to date software that could help me autofill forms on different websites. I mean, I would like to add my website to different "niche" directories and citations, so software should be semi-automated because a lot of...
  3. R

    Is there a way to manipulate Google autofill suggestions?

    My client wants me to manipulate his autofill search results. Is there a way to achieve this?
  4. Geth_Prime

    Need plugin/script to autofill form using csv

    Hi Everyone, As the title says, I need a plugin/script that can autofill a form from a csv file on a browser.
  5. F

    Tiered link building - Autofill magic

    I want to set a tiered link building strategy for many sites: generally I don't work on very competitive niche and I'm in the italian market, which is less competitive. In most case a tier 1 with a little tier 2 is fine. I want to set a process that I can fully control and outsource to different...
  6. tregoal

    Looking for autofill input script...

    Hi, I am looking for a script that basically will fill a input text on another domain. 1 Step - on my site i own to have a button that on submit will redirect on 2 Step which is another domain that i do not have access, and pass the data stored from 1Step to fill the input text on 2 Step
  7. W

    Auto fill and submit using javascript

    hello coders, can anyone help me to know how to auto fill and submit a form from external link located in an iframe in my website? I need this ,plz anyone give me this script!
  8. L

    Autofill contact form in multiple sites

    Hi, I am looking for a program/solution for auto filling a contact form in multiple sites. The program needs to get a list of urls, go to each site on the list, locate the contact page, if there's a form fill it, if there's a captcha download the image and pop it up to the user for manual fill...