autobloging tools

  1. X

    How Do You Automate Blogger ?

    I looked around the forums,and I can't find how to set up a blogger autoblog.Can somebody tell me how to do it on blogger step by step?I've been looking all over the web...Thanks
  2. fakeplastictrees

    WP-O-Matic:Help Please!

    So I installed WP correctly, set up the cronjob, added 3 feeds from go*ogle's blog search for my selected keywords, and....nothing. I even set it to fetch every 1 minute, just so something shows up, but while it says it fetches the feed it doesn't create any posts! I get no error message...
  3. G

    Blogslammer-Autoblogged-RssToBlog..who is the best?

    Hi guys, for my autoblog project I would like to know a great tool that allow me to post content by rss and my own unique articles automatically based on scheduling time.. I don't want to post only rss post...Serching at bhw I understand that are more good tools: Blogslammer; Autoblogged...
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