auto social bookmark

  1. K

    Social Monkee any good???

    Hi just getting my new site indexed. Was going to use social monkee but having problems logging in. Was just thinking is this a bad move using these in Googles eyes? What are your views? Can you recommend an auto social bookmarking submitter if still a valid way of bookmarking? Thanks
  2. M

    My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]

    Hi BHW members I m testing my WordPress plugin that do auto pligg, auto scuttle, auto phpdug and auto drigg. I have been using it for a while on Webhostingbuzz [ cpanel host ], Dreamhost, and another on that use DirectAdmin. No problem on cpanel and dreamhost, few problem with DirectAdmin...
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