My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]


Dec 4, 2008
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Hi BHW members
I m testing my WordPress plugin that do auto pligg, auto scuttle, auto phpdug and auto drigg.
I have been using it for a while on Webhostingbuzz [ cpanel host ], Dreamhost, and another on that use DirectAdmin.

No problem on cpanel and dreamhost, few problem with DirectAdmin but I have fixed and working without problem now.

I have release beta version few days ago to some of my friends and customers. I want more tester to verify it is working on multiple hosting platform, what a problem on your side so I can fix and make the script works.

for everyone that want to test, please follow instruction in user manual and inform me what problem you r facing.

If possible, give me your wordpress login and FTP login so I can check what problem persist and I may fix.

You don't need to install on your main blog. Just a test blog with this single plugin is enough. You may setup a test blog on sub folder, subdomain or even free domain like

Server requirements
  • PHP5
  • Curl
  • ionCube Loaders

To verify your hosting meet requirements:
1. Check phpinfo page or Download this file and upload to your WordPress root directory ( same level that you see wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes folder )

2. Request that file by typing on your browser



If you can see PHP 5, ionCube Loaders and curl then your host is support and may run without problem. Go ahead to install plugin

To install the plugin and test
1. Upload the whole seovoice folder to your wp-content/plugins folder
2. Activate SEO Voice on plugin page in your WordPress admin panel
3. Configs and test
  1. Go to Main configs, fill in key and enable the submission
  2. Import scuttle accounts ( choose from scuttle1-scuttle8.txt )
  3. You may import phpdug account but you have to manual register account and change it ( 10 accounts limited )
  4. Post a new post from wp-admin
  5. check the schedule page, it should be there for schedule submission
  6. Refresh your WordPress home page like you are a visitor or you may click "Submit Now" on schedule page
  7. Plugin should submit your post to 10 scuttles in the background. Go to Main Configs and refresh Story List, Submit Logs. There should be some update in that boxes says it successfully submit

If nothing happen, No logs update, No Story list then it is about some problem on your server configs. Maybe you let me access your host to check if you preferred

Beta version is for testing but you can use as permanent plugin if it works. The limitation is it allow unlimited scuttle and 10 phpdug submission. No pligg and drigg

Thank you in advance for all tester
i have a few blogs ready to do the tests :driver:
Will test it asap, sounds good. wil post review for you also if needed
I have about 300 autoblogs and 50 of them are brand new , so I'd love to see
This at work
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just set up a new autoblog on new domain. i have done nothing to promote it yet... this would be a good test run.

i would like to test it, i make autoblog too, so this is will be usefull!
I would love to test that too i have 23 blogs
im looking to test it as well, i have a few blogs that i'd love to test her out on, uggh ioncube i guess thats workable too lol

ummm whats auto drigg?
I would be interested in testing your software. Thanks!
it working just fine on hostgator shared but its too bad
that there is no pligg submission in this beta version because
scuttle and 10 phpdug submission are crap by them self's.

other then that very good work! :)
I get " Demo mode. Please set correct license key" but i used ur key (was in ur email)
I have one autoblog which is etching articles from articlenetwork.I didn't do any promotion.I want to test this one .If you have any review copy left,Iam ready to do it and the results post it here.

Great plug in mate Just my php is 5.2.9 activated and everithing but when I update the stories nothing shows you say it may be my server config how can I fix it?
scuttles and phpdug is not crap I think.
Since it is only beta version then I want to test to find make it works on many host as possible before release.

If you are serious and want it to work on your host, then you should contact me and provide me your hosting info so I can make it works.

If you have reseller web host. then create a testing account for me.
If you have a shared host, create sub folder and let me access with limited to only that folder.
If you don't care about your private data or you don't have anything to hide. share your login with me.

This is another most wanted plugin, so please share your problems

Did you ever get this working? I would love a auto pligg wp plugin.
I just finished beta testing.
Good news is you can use Free version to submit unlimited scuttle and 10 pligg, 10 phpdug, 10 drigg

I have tested on my new semi-autoblog and what I get is ...


Traffic goes from zero to 1000+ after plugin activated and start submission

71% of traffic came from social bookmark site :D good for short term traffic.
For long term I want to get high ranking for search engine traffic

Now version 1.0 is ready. Download at

commercial version may list on buy sell thread soon.

Maxxz anybody can test or just for some people? I have 'a few' spots i could give it a run :)
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