auto commenter

  1. S

    Jarvee Alternative Tool

    Hello everyone. I recently made a post about me trying to use Jarvee. We have still not been able to figure out our issue so we are looking to build our own Jarvee alternative and make it more fit to our needs. Things I would need the tool to include: - Auto Commenter with a spin syntax option...
  2. fxmanaged

    The New Instagram Auto Comments = Lower Follower

    We run 5 luxury IG pages and know a lot of marketers who run them as well for both business and personal reasons. We have used Mass Planner for over a year to both auto comment (with many spintax variations) and auto like the posts of the members of multiple DM groups we are also members of. In...
  3. P

    Facebook Autocommenter

    Hello everybody! Recently I am trying a new service but I need some help. Does anyone know any site that can provide CUSTOM facebook autocomment? I mean that it is me to decide what to comment on my post. Thanks in advance! 😊
  4. B

    RANKBOX Auto Blog Commenter - CRACKED!

    After reading all of the comments, I thought I'd have some BHW justice... So I got my hands on a copy from a torrent and nulled it! So here you go everyone...fully cracked and ready to go.. (it did a mass upload just in case he tried to get them deleted...hehe) MultiUpload...
  5. ExtremeSEO

    Got Spammers? Fight Back with SpamX - The Blackhat Spam Fighting WP Plugin

    Got spammers? It's now time to fight back using SpamX! ***which is ironic since I am a spammer ;) A simple script that automates the ultimate spammer payback! When a spammer posts a comment, the info is saved to the database. The system then auto-comments/spams their blog/URL and then...
  6. painreliefbullet

    Best Way For Auto Commenting With Blogger/Blogspot?

    I have two blogs under my blogspot account and I bought the domain for one. I have adsense running on my non adult cat blog, but I'm not making anything. I even have 17900 something followers on Twitter. I'm a new person here and wanted to know if anyone can suggest an auto commenter for my...
  7. shapsp

    ScrapeBox Commenting Aid - See if you need it.

    Hello All, I can see that alot of you have purchased scrapebox and are struggling with the software. To be honest, it is really user-friendly straight to pt kinda application. And if you have not purchased scrapebox. I strongly urge you to do so. You can buy it for $47 if you a BHW member. :)...
  8. P

    how can i find blog auto comment software

    i want to know from all how to find auto blog comment tool for my blog.i know of one,which the name have skip me.i know there is a lot out there which i can use to accomplish my task.i want to know from you all
  9. revit

    Free Online Blog Commenting Software

    Hey everyone! I am proud to announce the release of "COMMENTZ". Post your comments on 500 new blogs weekly. - Blogs are changed out every week to give you new backlinks to your site. - Integrated proxies are updated daily. - It's FREE! I will most likely be upgrading this to 1,000...
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