1. newsly

    [FREE TOOL] Audit your site:

    a Free tool on your browser, help you audit your site. -on your chrome browser, press F12 Key. -Goto Audit. -Run Audit and Get Results.
  2. D

    need some one who could fix my site on-page SEO & errors

    i will provide the report Audit report, what you need to is fix all the issues. 1. missing Alt tags for images 2. no internal linking between posts 3. missing meta description 4. no follow attributes in external links 5. page speed 6. security issues 7.ssl enabled 8. HTTPS redirect i accept...
  3. yuvrajsinh89

    How do you perform technical analysis of your website?

    Currently, I'm using different tools like Screaming Frog GTmetrix Online technical analysis websites What else do you use? What are the points you check to make sure everything is working properly?
  4. Celestial711

    Rewrite 302 redirect to 301 redirect after switching to https

    I recently moved a site from http to https and then re-directed all my links with this code. It worked and all my links are now redirected to https. I ran an audit with Website Auditor by Link Assistant and it says the site has issues with duplicate http and https and www and non www versions of...
  5. mangoodi

    SEO Audit Sample Format

    I need some useful tips from anyone of here. Actually I would like to audit my customer's money site for both keywords and backlinks profile with their competitors. What are the best tools is there to audit websites and what are the things I need to concern about this audit? If anybody can...
  6. A

    Are International Financial Accouting, Taxation and Auditing Services allowed to sell here?

    Hi, I want to know is this forum allowed me to sell my international financial accounting, taxation and auditing relating services? I am student of Chartered Accountancy so I can handle all above issues. If it is not allowed here to sell such services then it would be appreciated if someone...