1. ExtraVagant

    Where can I generate audio with this voice?

    Who knows where I can generate audio with this voice? Or perhaps a similar deep voice, for a dark Youtube channel.
  2. T

    Audious $AUDIO - thoughts?

    hi smart ppl :) i just came across this project and im doing a little research it seems pretty cool and i do support the cause what are your thoughts? does anybody here hold $AUDIO? enjoy your day!
  3. S

    How can I get accounts for trailer music sourceaudio sites?

    Hi guys, I need to buy some accounts for trailer music sourceaudio sites, like these two:!catalogs Having an account there means the ability to download the albums in their highest quality! Note that those are industry albums...
  4. Purush

    [tool] download the audio while playing

    More than 150k user installed. Chrome Audio Capture is a Chrome extension that allows users to capture any audio playing on the current tab. Multiple tabs can be captured simultaneously. Captures...
  5. marce12

    Create S3 Amazon Polly? bucket

    Thanks to the forum I found with this application and thus transform the text into audio, I usually need to convert more than 3000 characters. Up to 100 000 characters, you must save your task in an S3 bucket. Wouldn't you know how to do it some help? Thanks
  6. S

    Free Sound / Audio booster software in video file for Windows?

    Hi Gurus, Are there any good free sound booster software to increase volume within video file for windows platform ? If yes, please point me with your experience. One time payable software should also be fine, if the price is nominal. Thanks, Sristys.
  7. A

    On fiverr, do you go on video or call with the other person?

    Hey. For those who make a living making bots and doing stuff on fiverr for others, do you do video calls with them doing checkups? or is that through text? I am asking only because I live in a house where I need to be quiet because of roommates and stuff.
  8. NurtureSales

    Which Video / Audio maker or editor software you prefer ?

    Hi, Is there a single software that you prefer for video / audio editing and optionally along with simple graphic works ? I am looking for either free or one time payable. Thanks in advance.
  9. Noah Hawryshko

    (GET) British Broadcasting Corporation Releases 16,013 Lossless Sound Effects For Free

    Download 31,572 Hours (Estimated) of Searchable Sound Effects I highly recommend downloading some (if not all) of the sound effects that BBC released for free a couple days ago, especially if you're into things like YouTube, video production, or content creation. Quick reminder that BBC can...
  10. TrueMan

    Podcast editor

    Hello, I am actually looking for someone good at podcast editing Thanks
  11. bbbb bbbb

    (HELP) Im trying to find a Audio Player for wordpress like this one??

    I just need a point in the right direction on finding this audio player/seller for my very own beat site...Wordpress site
  12. LittleBill

    Looking for 10 Music composer who wants to work with my team

    I actually need composer who can make music for some website very immediately.Its a very long project wants to make music for at least 50 website.
  13. gman777

    Doc/audio share

    If I want to add links for diversity from multiple doc/audio websites, do I need to make unique content for every site or can I use the same video/audio? Or how do you do?
  14. C

    Passive Income - Stock Media - $0 Required

    Hi folks, Long-time lurker, first time member. Some great information being exchanged on this forum. Thought I'd share one of my methods for making a passive income online. This will be a fairly brief, no-frills, no affi link guide. This method requires $0 to get started and $0 to maintain. Be...
  15. A

    Best Software to create music video using photos,audio

    Hi i am trying to create music videos for my website using only photos slide,cool text and audio. movie maker is old pro software is fine i am willing to pay for it thanks.
  16. popzzz

    [GET] Monster Audio Crusher - 290 Royalty Free Music Tracks - PLR - WSO 491673

    Monster Audio Crusher 290 Royalty Free Music Tracks PLR - WSO 491673 Now you can have ALL the music tracks you'll ever need for your videos! Are You Looking For Royalty Free Music? Your Searching Stops Right Here! If You Buy This Package Today You Will Get 120+170=290 Royalty Free Music...
  17. popzzz

    [GET] Couple of My Royalty Free Audio Loops From Video Blocks

    Couple of My Royalty Free Audio Loops From Video Blocks These are just a couple (well 5) I saved browsing through there. If you like them fine if you don't fine. - I like them LOL! :thumb: You can use them for background audio on your videos or something! :yield: And so on so on so forth...
  18. Joozed

    Use Audio Sites - Get Backlinks - DESTROY Your Competition

    No long sales copy here. Just another new way from to get great and unique backlinks :). Google has taken notice of a simple fact. All high authority sites use audio content to communicate with their clients. Audio content linked to your website increases your brand...
  19. M

    Audio Upload

    Hi guys, i do seminars am looking for best place to upload my seminar audios for free or at premium. Any suggestions?
  20. peterbruce

    Internet Marketing, Graphic Design & Audio Mastering!

    I'm looking to recruit a team of resellers. You will simply be reselling the services listed on one, or all of my websites; As I have the highest quality and most competitive rates there should be room for a...
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