laboratory test related domain selling place?

    Hi i have a EMD .net domain related to laboratory tests 2k searches US. DR20 10 years old. i added that to godaddy and sedo but no luck still. is there any place that i can try to sell this domain.. Thank you
  2. $30

    Wordpress, WCFM and PHP Help Needed $150

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for someone who can edit a Wordpress/Woocommerce plugin for me and a client. The plugin is Auction Lots for iBid, I reached out to the plugin author but they have not offer customization, only support. The site will be an auction website similar to eBay however it will...
  3. G

    How to Get the Old Age Domains ?

    Hello i am looking for the old age domain 1-2 years old so i am checking out godaddy auction and then its showing age but when i register it will goes to new registration date or the old dates are continued Please guide me how to get the old domains let me know Thank you
  4. D

    Catchy and Short Domain expiring on GoDaddy

    This domain name which is very suitable for building brands, companies and services, also a very short 4L catch word is expiring in a few days. Go to GoDaddy auction and search "klo1" Can be as Klone or "Clone". Very short domain name. The very best thing that sets this domain apart is that...
  5. D

    Hello, D1nk here: Big news' soon

    Hi, I do domain sales and make decent income, now I need more of these sale. Get your next website up and running on GoDaddy auctions. Search - klo1(dot)com Suggestions welcome... 1st post.
  6. Vikjohn

    I need a USA seized car auction affiliate not using clikcbank

    Hi guys, I need a seized USA car auction website that is not using clickbank. The reason is that click bank is not supported in my country, please, is can anyone give me an affiliate program that offers this. It might also be a CPA offer please
  7. Ryabinchik

    Sticky posts on premium backorder domains with high RD/metrics and top backlinks, low OBL

    Thread closed - OP request.
  8. Aleksandrius

    Selling domain on Flippa

    Few days ago I posted an auction on Flippa. Domain is 6-letter, game related. All this time in IM and never ever posted a domain for sale. I guess there's a first time for everything :) However, the results were extremely bad. My listing had only 5 views in a week. Not a single bidder though. I...
  9. Excalibur123

    The Rebuild of an Auction Domain as a Moneysite

    Hey guys, I have a short question and am trying to keep it short. I recently bought an auction domain. The site was in the health niche. The site is now to be built as a money site about a single product. The product is also in the health niche. I have given a 410 status to most senseless and...
  10. T

    How do think my auction is doing from these facts (not trying to sell anything here)

    I bought a domain name from GoDaddy and I have a live auction right now on Flippa with 57 views but no follows and no bids and no comments. It's only it's second day. I only paid the $9 didn't pay for any additional promotion. Do you think this might end up being promising with 13 days of the...
  11. imustbebored

    $10k Current Listing - Flippa upgrades, worth it in 2018?

    Hey guys, I'm calling out to the people here that have experience selling websites on Flippa. Obviously each listing is different and dependent on multiple factors which ultimately determine the outcome. That being said, I listed a site of mine a few days ago (still ~7 days left) and the...
  12. G

    MarketPlace - Ideas to build a member login area for Vendors and Buyers + Auction page

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your your time and sharing your knowledge with everyone, you are a source of inspiration. I want to build a website, a marketplace, similar to Ebay. 1- Vendors need their login member area. Custom profile 2-Buyers need their login member area. Custom profile 3-...
  13. WARHOL

    NO BS PBN - 40+ DR, up to 400+ RD +all auctioned domains

  14. S

    where do you get your auction domains from (for pbn)?

    I've found godaddy to be bit overpriced in ratio to RD.Is it possible to get non-spammy domain with at least 100 good RD for $50-60? Where should I start from?Auctions seems too overwhelming for me...
  15. M

    Auction Pickup And Ship Services?

    I found a auction company that every day has 10-15 auctions every night most of the stuff are brand new/like new things/ open box. Im talking gaming computers, bose systems, electronics and household items. They have an assortment of stuff everynight. For instance last night they had a brand...
  16. N

    ♥♥♥ Apricot's Autograph For Sale | Bidding Starts at Just $100 ♥♥♥

    Hello I'm back again with an AMAZING piece of BHW legacy What I have for sale is a gorgeous tote bag from UnGagged Vegas 2016, with an autograph from BHW's one and only @Apricot Let's face it, you will never ever get a date with @Apricot, but you can own this bag and know that her arm touched...
  17. K

    Previous Owner Claiming the Domain

    I bought an expiring domain from GoDaddy auction. The domain name is the artist name ( And after a week I got an email from the previous owner. He calls me demanding the domain back. I asked him to pay least the amount I paid in the auction; he is refusing to pay. Hi...
  18. jimmy112

    Please Appraise

    Please Appraise
  19. jimmy112

    question Regarding Sedo

    I have set Higher reserve price for a domain i am selling at direct auction of 59 euro on what if reserve is not meet can i still give the domain to higher bidder Thanks
  20. skeye

    Buy a domain that still ranks for its keywords.

    Hi, folks. Here's how I shop for domains on the auction. Things you'll need: Domain auction (Godaddy for this) Keyword Research tool with batch analysis (I'm using Serpstat) Ahrefs (Or any other backlink analysis tool) Step 1. Get a list of domains Set parameters like price, region, desired...
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