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    Span SEO virus on my blog - hundreds of fake url

    I am facing serious problems with a Span SEO virus on my blog. I have already migrated from a server, but there are thousands of ULR's indexed on google with links that were injected by the virus. How can I solve this? I need to remove all these url's from google. my adsense is showing...
  2. C

    Ideas on Beating or Attacking Link Network?

    A competitor has been using a company in Japan to build a ton of links to their main site. They are reposting the same spun article across several different blogs and it is really working well for them. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience defeating a link network? I have reported...
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    Is Anyone Getting Unexpected Redirection To Other Sites When Accessing BHW?

    This started recently, in the past i had struggle with dnsunlocker that tries to hijack by browser. I posting this here since, i do not have this experience when browsing on other site like google,ebay,yahoo ecc I log in to my BHW account, any link i click on will end up redirecting me to...
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    HELP!!My website became an attack site!Pls advise.. :(

    HELP!!My website became an attack site!Pls advise.. :help:
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