assistance required

  1. Daryna_xxo

    Earn money uploading tiktoks (USA/UK)

    Hey, I am looking for someone from USA,UK, Australia who wants to earn money on a daily base uploading tiktoks -I’ll send you tiktoks to upload daily, instant payout -must be from a tier 1 country preferably USA or uk Message me your country and what phone you are using on tg @daryna22333
  2. L


    Good Day fellows, I'm "liquidity trade ideas". although i joined the forum newly, my aim is to seek help from like minded professional on how to help rank my site..
  3. Wilder1073


    Hi I'm in the UK. Looking for ways to earn money (without scams). But I'm so think I don't understand half the stuff on these forms. So anyone got any sound advice for me in the UK ??
  4. Chiku Arsen

    How to block chrome shitty notifications ???? dirty images noti. shows up everytime i open chrome

    Hey , can anyone help me with blocking all the chrome notifications. It,s so weird all dirty kind of notifications showing up everytime i open chrome. Can't open infront of anyone else because of this. I block the notifications in chrome settings still nothing happens. Seems like would...
  5. B

    I Need To Make Some $$$$$!!! I have $$$ But Need Ideas!!

    Hello all!! No0obie here btw. I have been stalking this website for quite some time, until I pulled the trigger and decided to make an Account XD (btw like my name?) ;) Long story short, I can see this community are really nice and caring, as I witnessed myself. A great family and I want...
  6. T

    Help required.

    Hello, I was thinking of starting a campaign in Australia, can someone suggest me any cheap and best Toll Free Number (TFN) provider for Australia.
  7. S

    Hire me for free! ( 15 hours a week )

    Hello everyone! I have spent a lot of time on this forum and learnt some really good stuff. I was offering few services on fiverr like fb likes, same thing regarding yt etc. I am fed up with everything like creating fake fb accounts, searching for automated bots for like exchange sites and all...
  8. zivmaymon

    Is there a -"TOO OFTEN" when doing SEO?

    Hi guys you should know better than I do weather it's a good idea or not to do the ping,submitt RSS,microblog and bookmarks work too often I mean how often is actually too often? and weather I should do it for all the url's/only the targeted by keywords/none ecxept the homepage? I do post every...
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