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  1. D

    Is there any tool to convert amazon product details to an simple article?

    I'm planning to start a amazon affiliate website but don't have good funds to but articles. So i'm planning to convert amazon product details to an simple article. So is there any tool do this for me with no copy right strike from amazon. I saw similar thing in one of the amazon assiciate...
  2. S

    Looking For A Textbroker/Associated Content Partner

    Hello, I'm a US resident looking for a partner to help with Textbroker and Associated content assignments. As you may be aware, Associated Content requires tax information for workers earning over $500 or otherwise they will not be paid. Textbroker has the same requirements for their authors...
  3. ch8878

    Is it safe on AC to take one your own articles off one account and put on another ?

    I want to know is it safe on AC to take one of your own articles off one account and put it on another or that isn't safe ?
  4. ch8878

    How long is AC take to give offers now ?

    Hi, I have over 30 articles posted on AC and it has been over 2 weeks why no offers yet ? Replay if you know the answer !
  5. ch8878

    What needs to be changed from a PLR for AC to accept it ?

    I want to know what needs to be changed from a PLR for AC to accept it, because I tryed one it passed copyscape and everything, but AC declined it because they said it was like some site they showed me is this because they put the header of the article in google and said it matches another site...
  6. ch8878

    What the best software to put articles in to see if they pass copyscape for AC ?

    I want to know what software everyone is using to see if your articles pass copyscape because the method I was using no longer works, also I would like to know what all is the reasons AC is banning accounts, and for paypal can you change the email of paypal account that got banned in AC and use...
  7. kharm

    Has anyone tried sending bhw traffic services to AC?

    I'm thinking about trying this because it makes sense if done and looks natural, but wondering if anyone has done this with some success?
  8. Pharoah

    Crank Out Unlimited Cash on AC. "Push Button Method"

    Hello Everyone, Like so many others, I have found something else that it is much, much more profitable for me, so I am now sharing one of my AC methods. This method is very easy to use and requires only that you press two buttons. This is what you will need... *Dragon Naturally Speaking...
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