Looking For A Textbroker/Associated Content Partner

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    I'm a US resident looking for a partner to help with Textbroker and Associated content assignments. As you may be aware, Associated Content requires tax information for workers earning over $500 or otherwise they will not be paid. Textbroker has the same requirements for their authors.

    If you are not a US resident, and are unable to complete the necessary requirements to be paid by Associated Content or textbroker, contact me. We can create a partnership where I will submit the articles you provide, and in return, I will keep a small portion of the earnings.

    When you contact me please include the daily number of articles you are able to provide. Also provide any samples of what you have written.

    In regards to payments:
    -I?ll pay via Paypal
    -I can pay the same day Associated Content and Textbroker pays
    -I will provide a weekly report of your assignments and payouts by email
    -I don?t require any minimum amount before sending the payment to you

    Please note, I will not tolerate individuals who act maliciously, if I believe your articles jeopardize my account (EG: copied, blatant spam, etc.) I will not submit them. All articles must be the minimum of 35% orginal content if they do not meet this standard I will not submit them.

    Please contact me via PM.
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    I'm really interested for this.
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    what will be your commission? I'm mean how much % of total earning