article rewriting

  1. Bloodseeker

    WTH a Content Rewriter

    I've some articles for clients that need to be rewritten. The rewritten content has to be 100% plagiarism-free, easy to read, and free of any writing mistakes. I will provide sample articles. You'll just have to rewrite them and add relevant images, that you can find in the sample articles...
  2. Meerakat

    DIRT CHEAP Rewriting Service – Native American, High Quality, Fast TAT, Excellent Customer Support – Get your Copy Today!

    Instantly engage your readers, increase your sales, create a regular flow of qualified traffic, and convert your audience into faithful buyers faster and easier than you ever thought possible. When a visitor lands on your website, on average they will read 20 to 28 percent of your copy, and...
  3. S

    Article Spinning - Will this method work?

    I am running an informational website and would like to produce 3 to 5 articles a day with 800- 2000 words. I cant invest more money as of now so i am trying this new method. My Plan - Article Spinner. Problems : 1) Almost all article spinners don't produce human-readable content 2) They...
  4. Julzwriter

    Get Premium Content - SEO Articles, Website Content, Blog Posts, Article Rewriting

    Looking For Quality Content? If you have come to this page, it is probably safe to assume that you need content for your website. You have come to the right place! You need quality content but you do not have the time, skill, patience or capacity to produce it on your own. I am...
  5. R

    Need 40 article 1000-2000 words to Rewrite (internet marketing niche)

    Hello guys. Im in need for article rewriter for my project. I have 40 articles around 1000-2000 words need to rewrite in 2-3 weeks time frame. Topic related with internet marketing, blogging, seo, keyword research etc. You are going to rewrite tutorial, tips and product review article. Below is...
  6. revenue20

    Need an Article Re-writer (preferably from US)

    Hi, I am looking for an article rewriter who can produce about 10 (400-word) articles a day. He/she should preferably be from the US. Most of the articles will contain bullets, numbers and sub-headings. Kindly quote your rate when replying. Thanks!
  7. R

    2k+ Articles and stuck rewriting them - Need suggestions

    Hi all, I have built close to 2k+ articles in my niche over a period. The main intention is to rewrite these articles to avoid duplication and make them unique. I have rewritten close to around a 100, quite a tedious task. As the articles are taking time to rewrite; I am not able to...
  8. S

    Have an unlimited stream of manually rewritten articles. How should I use them?

    Hey Guys, I am new here. A friend of mine referred me to BHW and said that these forums were a great read and helped newbies like me. I am not really sure of the posting rules on these forums (which I quickly skimmed on the last screen, and I am sure many of the newcomers do the same), but...
  9. D

    Best free article spin/rewrite software?

    Id like to use software to rewrite wikipedia articles so that they pass copyscape. Can anyone recommend software and where to get it? Free preferred but if it is great software, I will pay.
  10. S

    WordAi or Article Marketing Suite???

    I normally use the WordAi for rewriting the articles but recently I came across a software named 'Article Marketing Suite' which is providing a software which is capable of performing both the tasks ( spinning and submitting ) moreover its much more cheaper than WordAi. Is Article Marketing...
  11. R

    I need content writer for article rewriting. 5$ per 500 words article. Bulk order

    I know some member offering article rewriting service here for as low as 2$ per 500 words article. But they doesnt meet my requirement. (Not suprise thought with those price.) I know its more complicated to rewrite an article than produce your own article. I am willing to pay for 5$ per 500...
  12. IamKing

    Professional Article Spinning Service - Spintax Format - Free Trial to All BHW Members :-)

    ^@^Article Spinning Service^@^ We provide Long Term Article Spinning Service. This is very useful for Link wheels, Article marketing and many more. At present we are dealing only word/synonym level projects. Free Trial to all BHW Members those who are looking for long term service...
  13. chrisking

    Need an Article Rewriter for 10 articles, first 1/2 must be done within 2 hours from now

    Hi, I am busy with a new website, and have 10 articles which need to be rewritten. Not spinned ones but good readable articles that make sence, rewritten by human :) I can pay you directly by paypal. Most important is that i am working right now, and need the first 1/2 articles withing 2 hours...
  14. S

    Article Spinning Tutorial

    Hi, Someone started an awesome tutorial thread yesterday on how to spin an article properly. I skimmed it on my mobile yesterday and have just come to try to find it again today to go through it on my PC and it isn't here. Was it taken down... If so why?
  15. L

    RUSH JOB - 2 rewritten articles for *today* - article rewriter has gone missing..

    Hi I have 2 articles ready to be rewritten in spinner format that need to be done by today. My article rewriter is nowhere to be found. Can anyone help me? This is a rush job that needs to be finished today, so please quote me accordingly. The article needs to be about 70% unique, or at...
  16. N

    How many unique articles do you typically need from your rewriter?

    How many unique versions of a rewritten article do you typically request from your article rewriting software? I know the size of article marketing campaigns vary, and I'd like to compare my estimates and existing information to the current needs of IMers. If you have more than one common...
  17. J

    Looking for massive PLR content

    At some point about 4 months ago, I came across a clickbank site selling some kind of article marketing stuff. The kicker was if you bought the product, you got to download a database of 1 million PLR articles. Now I am sure they are old and rehashed etc, but I wish I would have actually...
  18. H

    how to cite your sources

    Hi! I want to start summiting rewrites to AC. But I don't know what to do to cite my sources. It is obvious that I can't cite the original article. Can some one please help? Thank you!
  19. E

    "Power Article Rewriter"-ready articles needed

    Hi, I need unique articles on various topics: 500 - 600 words long. These articles has to be formated (with different wording/phrasing) to be used with the Power Article Rewriter - powerarticlerewriter_com (a trial version of this software is available on this site) The formatted article...
  20. M

    Temporarily Article Rewriting

    Hello guys, I am going to give it a try on article rewriting. I don't charge that much, about $1 per articles and I sell in package of 10 Articles minimum. Want a sample of my rewriting? Shoot me a pm. (I would like to show you right here in the thread but I can't post link untill I reach 15...
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