1. ldesteny

    Automated Deepfake/Lip-Syncing Web Application By LipSynthesis

    Lip Syncing Deepfake Service Deepfakes are becoming part of our lives sooner or later. Currently, they are still in very early stage, hence the possibility to profit off them. We have been running deepfake service in BHW for almost a year with no complaints or issues. While producing content...
  2. bigtech

    Hi BHW, newbiew web developer here

    Hi blackhatworld, I'm a newbie web developer here. Hope to make the best of the forum. Thank you guys.
  3. U

    Developer seeking ideas to create an app that can assist the niche

    Hello all! As a long-time developer, I'm looking to venture into the online marketing ecosystem. As an application developer, I'm curious to know: what kind of app ideas are missing in this niche that you would like to see? Whether it's a SaaS or desktop app, I can build them all. I'm...
  4. T

    [I can pay] [Only serious please] Virtual Camera in android ?

    Hi, sorry if I am not in the right section its my first post here, and i'm french so sorry for my english too :) I'm searching for creating a virtual camera in android, like OBS Virtual cam on windows, but on android, i explain: I need to replace the camera output stream to a virtual output, so...
  5. flprocess

    ⭐Mirror your website to Android application ⭐ Ready to upload application of your website ⭐Easy access for your clients ⭐ Future updates...

    HOW DO I CONTACT YOU / ORDER? You can start a conversation with me here in BHW or by Telegram (I don't use Skype) Please be advised I work and answer on EUROPE time. Refund policy: If the application does not work / not compatible with your website OR does not work as described (and I can't...
  6. Mr.montez

    How to create an app similar like Honeygain ( users make money by sharing internet hotspot )? Any Ideas on how to do it?

    Hello BHW family, I would like to know if some of you have experience or developed a similar application as I mentioned. So basically, users can share their internet data and earn money per Gigabyte or Megabyte that they share. I would love to know any ideas about it? Thanks
  7. xEssence

    OGAds Help (They denied my application)

    Hello, I tried to apply to OG Ads last night buy they denied my application only two hours after submitting it. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? I said that traffic sources were Youtube Shorts, Tiktok, Paid Instagram Shoutouts, Discord Servers, Telegram Groups and Reddit Traffic. Thanks...

    CPI: why TOP affiliates work with it

    With networking and talking to lots of experts in the field we've singled out the following trends: (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and...
  9. jongmr

    [CPABuild] Application Declined

    a few hours ago, I tried to join CPABuild, and after some hours, I received this: I do not know why they Declined my request. I am using my real info, and for other important forms, I filed like this: Where did you hear about us? Promotional methods/traffic sources...
  10. ggvbro

    i got a message from adsense after Applying

    Hello, everyone thanks for taking time and reading my thread. i applied to join adsense program, i got this message from adsense after 11 days they still don't accept yet? Thanks in advance for ur infos :)
  11. provocative

    Any free way to create apk from website

    Hi, I want to create android application of my website. I don`t want to add anything new, it can be totally the same as like when you opened it from a mobile browser. I have Googled it but all websites are asking high monthly payments. Is there any free option or one time reasonable payment...
  12. blue_knight

    What do you think about Ebay Viewer app?

    You most likely already know, there are apps that increase the views on your products. Some say that increasing views will place your product higher in searches; others say that views without buyings are worst, it's important the actual views/buys ratio. What is your opinion about this? Is this...
  13. C

    Android Movie Streaming App

    Hello Everyone, I want to start a new journey in mobile apps , i want to make an android video streaming app But I don't know from where to start and also I need to know what do i need to create one, and also i need to understand the working system of this kind of applications Thanks in advance
  14. Sakir

    Black hat world app

    I think now Blackhatworld need to make it own official application that I think most of us wanted
  15. N

    New idea for create Android APP.

    Guys i'm looking for good idea for new android app.
  16. A

    Make APP with No skills and earn $200-$300 Daily No investments Needed

    So Here I'm going to explain to You How You can create your android/ios application and make a big fat money over $200-$300 per day. What all You Need- -A admob Account (create for free) -A appbuilder account (can be created in free) -A earning app through which the users can make money. You...
  17. M

    Android Mobile Apps Developer Interview technical Test

    Hi BHT, I was invited to pass a technical programming test for an Android App developper Job after being selected in the first interview, and they asked me to bring my laptop, so I was wondering what kind of test it will be? could it be developping a little application or something more...
  18. N

    No app marketing service on BHW ?

    Hello, I can't seem to find app marketing services on BHW apart from services that sell fake installs/reviews. Does anyone know where I could find such a service ? People which would help with ASO/Installs/Reviews/Ad optimization and so on... I mean there are so much stuff on the marketplace for...
  19. ShiningWarrior

    Any All-In-One Note Taking App like OneNote/Evernote?

    Hi, I'm about to get a premium note-taking app and thinking to ditch Evernote. Thing is I like Evernote and if I decide to get anything other than EverNote, I would have to copy each note manually to the app that I buy. The very thought of the time that will be spent and the horror on copying...
  20. ShiningWarrior

    Any recommended note taking apps?

    Hi, currently I use Evernote and I just ran out of the free plan. I upload tons and tons of images from online as my notes along with my written notes so ran out of the free plan and I need to upgrade and I was looking into One Note which is totally free no matter how many files you upload. But...
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