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  1. T

    This is not the marketing you expect from Apple

    Have you ever experienced your iPhone suddenly slowing down in speed and performance? Especially around the time of a new iPhone release? Well, who hasn’t? Some of us kept wondering if it’s because of their rough usage of the phone, hardware/software issues or just a plain coincidence. It’s...
  2. megaMind007

    How to Download 8,000 photos from iCloud without using iTunes?

    Urgent Help Needed How I download almost 8,000 photos from iCloud to my Windows PC without using iTunes, is that any tools or third party utility are suggested as long as it works no problem with it. Note: I used to be able to do this but is seems Apple have changed the iCloud layout and the...
  3. S E O

    Apple Rocks!!9 Million iPhone 5S & iPhone5C Sold – 200 Million On iOS 7!

    Apple Sets New Record: 9 Million iPhone 5S & iPhone5C Sold ? 200 Million On iOS 7! by Farhan Apple today released a press statement regarding the number of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C sold. A staggering 9 million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been sold in the first three days of the release...
  4. T

    Iphone 5 Wholesale

    read the last post.
  5. N

    Wholesale Only in Bulk- iPhone 4S Neverlocked, iPad 3 Pre-Order, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

    Below is a list of the products we currently have available. We are brokers so we don't physically stock any product ourselves, but we do verify all of our suppliers prior to doing any business with them. We have a few suppliers we are currently working with, and each one operates a little...
  6. N

    AT&T Unlocked Apple iPhone 4S Available

    I'll make this brief and to the point. We are cell phone wholesalers who have a verified supplier lined up with AT&T Unlocked Apple iPhone 4S in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. We were working with a different supplier who we did not verify, and he ended up screwing us. Our new supplier is legit and...
  7. N

    Looking for REAL Apple iPhone Distributors please

    I am looking for a distributor of brand new Apple iPhone 4's and 4S' in all sizes. I need someone who can supply large quantities on a regular basis. I am able to move a lot of units consistently. I will need some company information and documentation to verify your business. It doesn't matter...
  8. D

    Making money off APPLE Products

    I have heard of people making tons of cash buying Brand new Apple products such as iPhone and iPad at full price from apple and selling them to make a profit. How is this possible? Who are they selling to? Who is willing to pay more for a product than its retail price? Or have I just been Misled?
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