app creation

  1. blackflags


    Please don't waste my time if your not an expert Thank you Dm for more info on the project
  2. ApexTemple

    [Journey] E-Commerce, CPA, Agency, Development and more!

    Keep it short and simple, stupid. So I'll keep this journey thread short. Currently, I have many plans and I'm working everyday to achieve my goals. Some will say it's probably to much to handle more than one project, and that's probably true, but I'm deticated. I'll keep everything I do...
  3. V

    ZERO TO APP - Does anyone know anything about this product?

    Hello guys. I've been getting some emails from a guy calling himself Hooman. His product is called "Zero To App - The A to Z Guide of Building and Publishing Profitable Mobile Apps Without Any Programming" Does anyone actually know anything about this product? I've been looking around for...
  4. A

    Hiring a free lancer or studio for app develop

    Hi there: We need someone who can develop for us an app which do not need to be downloaded from the play store, (we have to be able to send it via Whatsapp link or something like that) and when it is launched it blocks the capability of making calls and sending SMS messages.
  5. V

    [Need Advice] Earning with apps, uploading somewhere else rather than playstore

    Hello people. I have been looking for years how to make money online, since that is one of my dreams. I have been around for 5 years in this search, and I still hope that I will achieve it. The fact is that recently I came across a post on how to make money making applications, and I am very...
  6. Degen

    Attempt to create team for app

    Hi, I am Stewie! I am working on a Game for the Android/IOS and Windows. A few days ago I've posted a level trailer and got some really great response on Reddit & skype/FB groups. How far Along are you with the app ? There is a working prototype of the game. The following things still need...