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  1. M

    Convert video to APK file

    Hello.. Is there a site that converts a video into an application so that when I click on the application icon, it opens and the video appears to me as if it were the application? Is there a site that does this? Thank you and have a nice day
  2. Z

    I'm looking for App Cloner Ultra slot for a device

    I'm looking for App Cloner Ultra slot for a device. Since it costs a lot, I'm looking for someone with the Ultra license willing to give me a slot for use on my device (ultra license allows you to use it on 30 devices). Scammers stay away. (I will ask for personalized videos and custom...
  3. JohnDontheman

    Need someone to code me a Android app ( apk )

    Need someone to code me a Android app ( apk )
  4. htoolas

    How to find games used font?

    Hi, Is there any way to find the lines used in games or applications, the lines that they use for points or gems in the game?
  5. C

    Create basic APK - no need for google Play store

    Looking to build an APK that will download a bash script and execute it Something like: wget -O - http://DNS/script.sh | sh Thats it - I dont need it registered for Google play - It will end up on AndroidTV boxes that I wish to execute to ensure boxes stay uptodate All boxes will have root...
  6. Asirir88

    FInding APKs without DMCA issues

    I am creating a APK site for Adsense. I got to know later that the APK I am gonna target has DMCA issues. How to find APKS that does not have any DMCA issues ?
  7. Sakir

    Is Blackhatworld has its official apk?

    can somebody tell me is blackhatworld website has official apk or not because during the search on google i find lots of websites who Provide download link of BHW so please clear me about that
  8. maxa

    PC games for android method

    Hi, i saw interesting method, its about playing PC games on android phone, so you install apk on android or ios and it looks like you are running the game, when you click play it pops up window which redirects to content locker, so the installed apk is like landing page, is this template from...
  9. djsobuj

    Is it worth to make a apk download site in 2019?

    I was doing apk download site in 2017 with little success (popads+adfly) . I want to try it again (I have a fb page with 25K like in this niche ) but is it worth in 2019 since popads and adfly almost died?
  10. RedwolfAj

    Freelancer can replace Ad mob Ids?

    hello i have purchased an android app source code from codecanyon,im not able to generate APK from it.so i hired a freelancer to do the job done. Freelancer is saying he is getting error when using my Ad Mob id and his id is showing Ads. any possibilities freelancer can add his Ad mob ids in my...
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