1. A

    Do we need antivirus on win 11? If yes, which one is recommended?

    Hey there, Recently I bought a new laptop with pre-installed Win11. It has Windows defender but not sure if it's enough. I had Quick Heal Total security on old laptop which is left with 1 month. Would like to know more on recommendations.
  2. I Alternative?

    Hey everyone Looking for a good alternative to that can scan bat files. ANy reccomendation?
  3. tazarbm

    Which anti-virus can detect crypto miners?

    Hi everyone, As the title says, I'd like to know your opinions on which AV program to use (free versions only) to detect crypto miners. The reason I'm asking for this is that ever since I installed Windows 10 on my computer (about 2 years ago), I have always wanted not to use any AV program...
  4. Ricostrong

    About Antiviruses N (McAfee)!

    Hi All, what do u think guys which antivirus its the best at the moment, and if u use an antivirus with cracked account fox EX McAfee, it is a good idea of getting all the the premium option to get max protection for ur pc, so when the account expires just use another one same as last one...
  5. UnusualSubstance

    What antivirus do you use?

    Personally, i use McAfee, I'm curious on what you fellas use.
  6. Samuel Wilson

    [Giveaway] Norton Security Deluxe - free license for 90 days

    Get a free license for Norton Security Deluxe for 90 days. Secure your device with high-quality protection against viruses, ransomware, spy software, malware, hacker attacks and other Internet threats. With the Norton Security integrated antivirus, your computer will be heavily protected from...
  7. O


    Hola, I already learned HTML and PHP. But i need few things that i can find here. I'm really happy to join this community. And in case if you have some questions about SEO, Azure Cloud and System Admin. Don't hesitate i can help with anything. The smart
  8. AmazingLicense

    Genuine ESET Antivirus License Keys (Windows, Mac, Android) [Low Price]

    Welcome to AmazingLicense Store! Accepting orders! How to purchase: 1) Comment on this thread or contact me through PM. 2) I'll send you the payment details. 4) Receive the license key Instantly after payment. 5) Activate the software & enjoy your security! 6) Leave a...
  9. nanohits

    MalwareBytes Premium – $5

    Refund Policy: No refunds given once the code has been issued. If you have problems redeeming it, let me know and I will replace the code. Use the code within 30 days. Payment Types: Credit Card Via Stripe Bitcoin Transferwise Payoneer
  10. pcgamesplanet

    antivirus giveaway for 1 year

    you can get free antivirus with 1-year activation key. comment and get your free antivirus.
  11. nanohits

    Anti Virus Sale from BitDefender, McAfee, ESET, Trend Micro at Amazing Prices!

    Order Links: McAfee Internet Security - McAfee Anti Virus - Trend Micro Internet Security - Bitdefender Total Security 2020 - ESET Multi Device Internet...
  12. KJREDDY247@

    Best Way To Find and Remove any Malwares from Your PC

    How can we make sure our main machine doesn't get affected by any virus/malware? Any Suggestions? Which Anti Virus are you guys using on your machines? My Chrome browsers always get fucked up and get slow down ( But I still Love Chrome ;) )
  13. KJREDDY247@


    So, I try to start an affiliate store so just try to register as an affiliate on amazon when i tried to enter my payment and tax details that page was getting redirected to www2.affiliate.....etc and getting blocked by my anti-virus. I tried in incognito but still the same result. What kind...
  14. S

    Best Antivirus ?

    Which is the best Antivirus in your computer ? I am using Norton Antivirus. I liked it. Norton is best because it traps all malicious activities and also none of the new viruse can infect the norton files. it has a self protection in it.
  15. kurosaki4d

    Should i buy Malwarebytes ?

    Greetings, I am trying to decide lately if i should buy the paid version of Malwarebytes. I already own Bitdefender and it was wondering if it's necessary to buy Malwarebytes, perhaps to cover a few holes that Bitdefender can't ! So i'm not sure about this approach, that is why i would like to...

    CPAGRIP offers blocked by antivirus

    Hello guys, I am still asking for help on this issue, the most profitable content lockers of CPAGRIP in France, Nederlands, Germany are blocked by antiviruses and it shows them "this website is dangerous" Can please anybody help me to how to deal with that shit? Thank u guys be rich or die...

    CPAGRIP content locker blocked by antiviruses

    Hello Blackhat marketer, So right now I am working on CPA content lockers in CPAGRIP and I have found some really nice offers in France and Germany but I am facing a big problem. My tracking ID URL is blocked by the antivirus and it tells me that it's not a trustful website, I guess if its...
  18. KJREDDY247@

    Bitdefender Antivirus full version free for 6 months

    I just found a site, where they are providing BitDefender antivirus full version for 6 months. I just downloaded its working fine with me, it will redirect you to Bitdefender official website only, so I don't think there is an issue with any kind of viruses or something. You don't need to enter...
  19. adam berrou

    the top 10 antivirus software of 2018

    hi Compare the world’s leading virus protection There used to be many free antivirus programs but in recent years most are now paid. There still a few however which will scan your computer for free. Computer protection has never been as important as it is right now due to cyber crime at it's...
  20. D

    Giveaway Malware's Bytes Premium Accounts.

    Hello This is my second giveaway today. Enjoy! MalwareBytes Premium Account Password User ID: 7HG48 Code: N6GT-0PWB-1RX3-0KFN User ID: 9HL59 Code: AN62-H23Q-VJG6-HLGP User ID: 4TF38 Code: HCCH-4E0Y-78JE-HRGP User ID: 9HK69 Code: G41R-BEME-XN58-RT4T User ID: 6NL36 Code: 3Y11-LRWH-NQV4-QNRV...
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