1. Z

    Hiring freelancers for Data Generation: English Texts

    Job requirement: -Strong English language foundation -Strong logical and reasoning skill -Capable of researching about Apps on either (or both, preferably) Androids and iPhones. -Ability to keep open communication -The task the freelancer will be doing is a unique form of data generation...
  2. Z

    Hi from Silicon Valley

    I am coming on here to really check out what is BHW about, and if possible, I would like to hire some native English speaking people to do data generation (not mining it's more fun than that). Thanks!
  3. csebastian

    Youtube will KILL ANNOTATIONS on 2nd of May 2017 ! Sign petition now!

    Keep fans engaged with Cards & End Screens as we say goodbye to Annotations Editor Thursday, March 16, 2017 We’re committed to helping you reach more fans and keep them engaged. That’s why we built products like Cards and End Screens, which are mobile-friendly tools that let you poll your...
  4. O

    Youtube Mobile Annotations

    How is this channel able to flawlessly create mobile annotations. If you notice at the end of the video he's able to create mobile annotations right on the video linking to other videos and channels. He's definitely not using Info cards because if you notice their is no "i" at the top right...
  5. V

    Quick question on gaining views via annotations from other channel/videos!

    I have been offered the opportunity to gain some views for one of my videos via annotations on another video that currently has 1.5 million views and it is growing. Is this practice ok on Youtube? can I get banned? is it against policy? It is completely relevant to my content/niche btw but I...
  6. S

    Alternative Redirect of YouTube Annotations. Please HELP!

    Sorry for my bad English but I will give it a try. A client of me had an YouTube channel and he wants that I make the Annotations in the video's to the websites of his clients. This is no problem for me, besides that I must make a Redirect on his Webserver and need access to his server but he...
  7. gazinbali

    Amazing full size color annotations.. HOW?

    Yes HOW... Does anyone know how this guy makes annotations like this?? Please let me know Gazinbali
  8. ThreadKiller

    Advanced annotations in Youtube. How is this done?

    See this clip, around the 1.01 mark. See how there are links to other videos inside the video. Is this done via the usual "in embed" annotations, that anyone can do, or is it done through some special service that this very popular YT channel has...
  9. V

    How to insert Text into Videos and then upload to video sites

    I know youtube allows annotations to be added to videos but am not sure about other websites. Again the problem is even though you add annotations to youtube vidoes u cant download the video with annotations, it just downloads the original video. stupid. so now i am stuck with adding text to...
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