angela and paul

  1. M

    [][CRUSH PEOPLE]Your Backlinks Are Not Good...Check Out Mine! .EDU Links

    5 review copies availible for the $97 pack to long time Jr. VIP members only.
  2. W9go

    Backling Angela - profile

    I m going to order some Profile or Angela and Paul Backlinks. I did not find out what the difference between them really is? profile backlinks are done mostly with xrumer i guess. is that dangerous to do that on a page? i think i will not risk a xrumer blast. angela backlinks ... how...
  3. 9

    fiverr ... angela and paul backlinks

    i am going quite devensive with my new pages. i like to order some angela and paul backlinks at fiverr. does anybody can recommend someone there. the most offers are from china and vietnam with 230+ profiles which i guess is all xrumor or senuke created. There are a view which offer 30 angela...
  4. mmguru770

    A BackLink a DAY Keeps Your Site High

    i will be posting a backlink(aneglas-style ) here every 8-24hrs yea its random i will post when i feel like posting but will make sure they are PR4+ These are from my personal packets which i sorted a few months back so dont expect 100% success rate and stick rate but its more like...
  5. secondeye

    Highest Quality - PR5-7 Profile Backlinks Only = 300 backlinks+Ping+Bookmark=$15>ReviewNow

    Feedback 1 Feedback 2 Feedback 3 Feedback 4 Feedback 5 Feedback 6 Feedback 7 Feedback 8 Feedback 9 Feedback 10 Feedback 11 Feedback 12 Feedback 13 Feedback 14 Feedback 15 Feedback 16 Feedback...
  6. B

    How can i create Backlink Packages like Angela & Paul's?

    Hey guys, I want to start a weekly cycle of finding high PR, Do Follow Backlinks (like Angela's packets) & publish them here in a pdf. Okay, so this is my way of finally giving back here. What i need to know is, how on earth do i find these backlinks & where exactly to place them (e.g.- in...
  7. D

    Pls help

    hi i wanted to ask something about. Angela/Paul style community website which allows to create profiles and leave the links (main/home page) ????..... 1) what is angela/paul style community website??? 2) whats the difference between this? and ****************/NoFollow blogs?? 3)...
  8. J

    Which is More Effective Profile Links or Linkwheels?

    I have been outsourcing some work lately because I get tired of doing it myself. So I'm curious which one are you guys finding more effective? I've personally had mixed results with both. If you were going to pay for one or the other to build links to your site which would you choose and why?
  9. B

    Link Cascade Techniques with Angela and Paul Profiles

    Hi all, Right now I'm in the process of creating a bunch of publicly available profiles. I have 125 so far and hope to have ~1000 by the end of the month. I also have 4 old forum accounts that are definitely indexed, I've turned into backlinks for my money site, (and will not be posting ever...
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