android app installs

  1. KJREDDY247@

    Best App install service provider on this forum...

    Did anyone use app install services here on the forum? can you guys suggest me the best one that you used from? Any suggestions for a new app, before we buy 50k-100k installs? like we need to drip feed with 1k-2k-3k----on a regular basis or go with 10k installs daily etc??
  2. mumuk

    Help - Android App- Need advice

    Hello, I created an android game app recently. The game is a "habbo like". For those who don't know habbo, it is a virtual 2D chat where kids/teenagers could meet, have fun discussing, create stories and roleplaying... The economy is based on in-app purchase (only cosmetic), all features are...
  3. Sra1

    APK reviews

    Where can I get APK and iOS app reviews Is there any one here ? please help me
  4. siteboost

    What is incentive or non incentive app installs in application markiting?

    With incent install campaigns, the user will get rewarded for any interaction with your ad. This leads to much better visibility due to higher ranking positions and eventually to an increase of organic traffic. But there is also a downside: the effects are rather short-lived and permanent usage...
  5. G

    Buying *LARGE* volume of APP installs/downloads

    Does anyone provide/offer LARGE volumes of app installs or downloads for android apps? looking at around 50k to 100k monthly. Downloads/Installs have to 100% unique. Do hit me up or add me via Skype : lionel.lau.89
  6. S

    Buying Android apps installs, is it risky?

    Hii guys.. i hope you'r doing fine, i am wondering here : i have a new app in Google play store, and i want to buy some installs, but i don't know if is it risky or not? can anyone give me some info about that thanks in advance..
  7. S

    [Skype Group] Android Review Exchange[Active Group]

    Hello BHW members i have decided to make an Active Android review exchange group we can help each other to promote apps easily or to rank easily This is group for only active members, who do not exchange review will be kick out immediately from group so Think twice before apply who want to...
  8. A

    Best network that has game offers?

    I have alot of android install traffic, im looking for a good sponsor that has alot of games and pays fast any ideas? All traffic is organic SEO...
  9. E

    How to increasing app downloads on Google Play (organic and incentivized install)

    Dear BHW Community, I am starting this thread to share tips and find out what mobile marketers and developers do to increase download of their apps. Organic: Standard app store optimizations and reviews work. But they wouldn't get you to the promised land. Incentivized installs: I haven't...
  10. A

    Massive Volumes CPI/CPR mobile android / ios

    we have quality traffic and retention rate on CPI/CPR Android/Ios . if you need quality traffic for your app reach me on skyp e - aman.gupta764
  11. A

    We have our own in-app CPI traffic global wide.

    Looking for Direct Advertisers on CPI basis , Android / Ios with large budgets . Pm me !
  12. D

    Need real android installs

    i need real android installs No bots, no incent traffic need at least 500 per day who can provide me with the low price quote your prices per 100 installs
  13. M

    is Balck Hat for App Stores Still Working ??

    Doing black hat is one of the easiest ways to rank higher especially for the app store for IOS. Using huge titles or spammy keywords might help you before, but now with the new algorithm is very hart. If you have unranked in the past 2 weeks it is because the black hat or ASO you were using is...
  14. umarkaul

    Create Play Store Bot For Download

    Can Anyone Create Play Store Bot for installs !! ..i will pay for bot if anyone able to create bot please post here
  15. M

    i looking for google play app install bot

    i looking for google play app install bot. i can hire or buy your bot.or you can provide for me new bot. send me please. demo or video, screnshot.
  16. M

    A&ndroid installs ++reviews

    I am launching an android app next week, i have done some marketing to try to get people download it but i also wanna boost it up, I was wondering if someone could help me to get 1000 downloads and some good reviews for the first week. i would need something not too expensive. thanks:clap2:
  17. S

    Need a Android App Install Bot

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can build android app install bot, We would like the bot to be cloudbased so we don't need to run our computers 24/7 We already have hosting and a domain name We would like the following features in the bot, Mobile simulator proxy support (finder, checker...
  18. S

    [FREE] Providing 30 Free android app Ratings for any free Android app

    Hi there BHW Guyz I am giving 30 Android app rating to Free android app . Please post your app links Or send me the PM of your app link . I can also provide android app installs at Good Price. Offer is only for 24 hours Hurry up. Don't forget to give a THANKS