amazon payments

  1. F

    Payoneer alternative?

    I have been using Payoneer to received Amazon and other affiliate payments as I live in the UK. I tried to login over two weeks ago only to be notified that my account has been blocked. I get no reply from customer support and can't use livechat because you need to login in first. They are...
  2. T

    Registrars and hosts that accept Amazon Payments?

    Anyone know any domain name registrars and web hosts that accept Amazon Payments for payment? For the time being I have more money on there than anywhere else. Amazon used to have a nice directory of sites that accepted AP but that seems to be gone now. Thanks.
  3. S

    [HELP] Amazon Payments fails. The Creditcards don't work.

    Hello everyone I need to do a payment with Amazon payments but the creditcards i have don't work. Why aren't they working? Can you help me? Please write me a private message if you need any email or skype. Yours faithfully SW4P1
  4. zoomsixx

    [Question] Amazon FPS Flexible Payments Service

    I am considering making the switch from Paypal to Amazon Flexible Payments Service. Has anyone tried this service out? Anyone selling digital products or services using this?
  5. B

    Any Electronics Dropshipper?

    Hello, Im looking for a good Dropshipper selling electronics for cheap price, i tried to many dropshippers but they sell items expencive so you cant compite with the others. Im right now stuck to DOBA, i used to use Shopzter but they only accept payments via PP, I hate Paypal, Im looking for...
  6. B

    Any Dropshipper accepting PROPAY or Epassporte, Amazon Payments and Google Check out?

    Any Dropshipper accepting PROPAY or Epassporte, Amazon Payments and Google Check out?
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