Any Electronics Dropshipper?


Jan 4, 2009
Hello, Im looking for a good Dropshipper selling electronics for cheap price, i tried to many dropshippers but they sell items expencive so you cant compite with the others. Im right now stuck to DOBA, i used to use Shopzter but they only accept payments via PP, I hate Paypal, Im looking for one that at least accept Amazon Payments or Google Checkout.
Have you ever looked around Alibaba? Even if you do, do your due diligence and make sure you choose the right candidates to work with.
is Alibaba a dropshipper? i dont think so, i want to work for a dropshipper so i can sell items for em, and make some $
Alibaba is a B2B marketplace. There ARE suppliers on there who are willing to dropship. Its not a dedicated dropship company, its a B2B marketplace as I said. Good luck :)
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