1. Leader777

    Anybody doing Amazon affiliates

    Hi, Need open minded people that are willing to share how much they are making from Amazon affiliates.
  2. Facebook_Master

    Getting accepted as an Amazon affiliate in 2019?

    Hello, I am thinking of creating an amazon affiliate website after reading a lot of journeys and because my niche is best marketed with Amazon products. Now my question is, as someone who has relatively new websites (one in English and one in French) with not a lot of traffic, what are my odds...
  3. N

    How to get approved for the affiliate programms like Walmart, Target, Amazon ?

    Hello guys ! Here is the thing. I'm from Ukraine and I'm trying to find any offers for USA (since I have a significant database of customers from USA) to use them for my e-mail marketing sendings. I tried to create the new account at clickbank, walmart, amazon, target and I wasn't approved in...
  4. Digital Web Zones

    My Amazon affiliate account terminate

    Hey BHW My Amazon affiliate account terminate . How can renew.. plZ suggest me
  5. H

    Looking for Amazon verified or Prime reviewers, services for USA, CA & MX

    Hello we are looking for real Amazon verified reviews on our product amazon products in USA, Canada and Mexico. please send us your offers and pricing inbox Thanks
  6. R

    How to make money with nothing?

    Hello, I have tried being an Amazon affiliate and have failed.. So, My main question is how do you become successful with being an affiliate if any site if you have nothing? No starting money, no audience, nothing at all.. What sites are the best to start on? What are YOUR advertising...
  7. D

    EMD or Brand Domain for AZ Aff Site

    (Mods; feel free to move this to the appropriate section. As usual I’m ignorant as can be when it comes to selecting the right section.) Hello fellow BHW members. Atm I am thinking about building a new Amazon Affilate niche site. During my research I came across an for the keyword...
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