1. squinter

    $HACHIKO Token Possible 10x-100x ROI (Not Yet Listed in Coinmarketcap and Coingeko)

    Hi folks, Let me give you some facts about this coin. 1. Official website is 2. 6,130 holders at the time of writing. 3. There are lots of activities going on in 4. It has a healthy chart on 5. It has a lot of buying and selling activities on...
  2. squinter

    SavePlanetEarth Token Priced At $0.00000000861494 At The Time Of Writing

    Hi folks, I just wanted to share with you guys about an altcoin that I hold. It is called SavePlanetEarth(SPE). It is available in Binance Smart Chain. Let me give you some facts about this token: 1. It has a community on Telegram with 3,116 members and growing at the time of writing without...
  3. Ikaz Elkazeer

    HOT is going down

    I jumped on the HOT train early this month. I bought 11000 tokens for around $280 costing me 0.0255 per coin But ever since hitting an all-time high 0f 0.031 it kept going down. It's at $0.018 right now. And I'm confused. Should I exit or HODL? And anyone who knows the reason for this? I...
  4. NicolaeP

    Why BHW is a gem

    The answer is simple. In the last month I started buying crypto following the topics on BHW. These are my results: Siacoin: I bought at 0.013146 now it is 0.027463 Harmony: I bought at 0.03 now it's 0.15 Bittorent: I bought at 0.0010 now it's 0.0073 And that's not all. If you follow...
  5. arthuditu

    Social media profiles crypto

    Hi, what profiles on twitter do you get knowledge from? What profiles do you learn about instagram / facebook or other social media? Thanks for your answers, I hope it will be a good topic for other forum members as well.
  6. simplify

    I want a crypto savvy to write a 1,900 words non-spun article

    Hey, I want someone who knows about cryptocurrency to write a 1,900 words article about why people should invest in shitcoins/altcoins too. You should be able to emphasize altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP as digital currency assets, and for portfolio diversification, how their...
  7. sohom

    Any hosting site which can accept XMR / Monero or Altcoins for payment?

    Hello friends. Do you know any web hosting site, which can accept XMR / Monero or Altcoins / CryptoCurrency other than BTC for payment? Specially if they are using payment gateway : "Coin Payments", which could accept multiple crypto currencies. Thank you
  8. partyush

    With Tron MainNet launch, bug bounty program goes live

    Tron Bug Bounty program that offers the reward of value ranging from $100 to $100,000. Anyone who finds any loopholes or bugs in the new MainNet of Tron that is now available for download on GitHub, gets to claim this reward. The time frame set to find the bugs has been set before the launch of...
  9. brawdias

    Altcoin for holding!

    If you don't want to play with charts I have 2 good recommendations of altcoin for holding! First is Neo. With NEO you can earn gas for just holding. Also Neo is a very good project (check them out ) The second is IOTA : the best features, no fees, no scalability issues and no miners!
  10. D

    Interesting list of dead coins

    Hey guys, found a cool list of dead coins when hunting around. There is also but they seem to be more on the funny side of things. Anyone know were to find failed ICO's? like ones that never made it to coimarketcap?
  11. B

    A revolution is coming

    “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability." - Robert F...
  12. xRex

    Search God Adult CPA Network => Payout Bitcoin/Altcoins & Payza & Perfect money

    Hello .. i am looking for a good adult CPA network..what me in Bitcoin / altcoins or Payza .ggf perfect money payout .. the traffic come from Adults Chat & Porn sites & SEO .. main thing and should evlt pay per lead / register give about 0.50 $ very thanks.!
  13. MayhemMarketing007

    Calling All Crypto Junkys - Need Passionate Writers for News Site

    I'm currently developing a team of crypto writers for a new "crypto news site". I need people who are passionate about the subject, thus enjoy writing about it. The site has a comedic undertone to it, so if you can write articles with a bit of humor mixed in with it, that is ideally what I am...
  14. karthikjojo

    Monero best to mine on CPU..?

    Can any1 tell any altcoin rather than monero which is perfect for only CPU mining...:)
  15. karthikjojo

    Can I mine monero on my college system?

    Any 1 help me clarify that can I mine a Monero coin through my college computers(I mean more than 100) but without GPU only CPU... Any trick is there please comment or if I am false please guide me.. Thanks in Adv.:)
  16. charto03

    GPU Miners Out There?

    Any suggestions or BHW miners in the game? Looking to scale up an operation. Thank you.
  17. karthikjojo

    How to create our own Cryptocurrency?

    HELP! I want to create my own legacy in crypto world. So, guide me to create my own cryptocurrency. Thx on behalf
  18. WowLancer

    Time to sell all coins

    Most coins are on free fall right now, news about South korea closing all exchanges did not help. With every passing second, it seems to be going towards more fall. Are you still patient or selling?
  19. Buzzika

    Case Against Bitcoin

    Bitcoin will die or is dying... At some point, one of the altcoins will take center stage. When will this point come? IDK. I am not a smart guy, I don't understand everything under the sun. I am just a simple man who loves technology and all the great things that come with it. I also notice...
  20. DunDidIt2X

    Pretty Happy! Im about to double my money on Komodo (KMD)

    Picked a winner...... :) Now lets see what news they are about to release Prolly just a pump and dump but now its still early to get on before people start dumping.