1. mayadd

    Aliexpress Seller Accounts?

    Hello guys, I need an Aliexpress seller account no matter what origin or country of the account. I tried creating my own but it needed some documents and I must have a company or something like that. I'll buy the seller account or I'll more likely buy the method of creating a seller account on...
  2. Leeone

    Dropshipping best plugins for wordpress

    Hello, today i started my shop with wordpress woocomerce theme, need some recomendations with plugins, looking for free plugins what you are using? i know alidropship plugin is the best but i don' t have ( don't want to pay for now ) money for it. Need some info about other market too, are...
  3. 2richtospeak

    How long is the shipping time from China

    Hello guys, Hope you are still hanging in there°. Keep watching out for each other. Was wondering if anyone tried shipping goods from AliExpress recently? How long was the shipping time? What about the cost? Which countries can they ship to? Please advise:)
  4. T

    Online marketplaces are tanking worldwide – except for Amazon

    AliExpress, Asos, Zalando, eBay. All major market places are suffering because of the outbreak. Except Amazon… The main reason for this is the company’s focus on essential products. You can’t buy shampoo on Etsy…...
  5. Alantoni

    Trick to Know if the Product Still have Sales on AliExpress !

    Hello Everyone :), This method for Dropshippers to know if the product still got sales or not on AliExpress : 1- First you will login with your account with AliExpress and click to this keyword to go to the page (Dropshipper Center) 2- Second: Complete this steps ... 3- Now Follow This...

    How to get aliexpress affiliate API keys?

    I submitted application to get API keys but no reply yet.It has been 2 weeks now> Any ideas guys?
  7. Ankith K Shetty

    How to hide price when dropshipping from Aliexpress?

    Hi, When you dropship using products in Aliexpress. Won't the customer receive the invoice with the actual price of the product? Won't this effect the customer loyalty? Is there a way to hide the price from Aliexpress so that the customer would not come to know if real price? Thanks
  8. jongmr

    dropshipping agent

    hey im dropshipper and im looking for trustable dropshipping agent who buy for me and ship to the address i want and i want tracking number for each order. i can pay with bitcoin ,paypal(only paypal to paypal) and webmoney. i heard about cj dropshipping and i dont know i can trust them or not...
  9. jongmr

    how to make vcc

    hey there is many sellers on bhw who provides virtual credit card but they are so expensive... and i tried many methods and websites to make virtual credit card but none of them works right. now im looking for methods and websites that provides virtual credit card.mostly i need vcc to make...
  10. tkk

    Aliexpress affiliate program - does any have experience?

    And success with Aliexpress affiliate program?
  11. IamNRE

    $664,441 in 3 Months With ONE Product (video)

    Came across this guy's channel the other week and he shares solid tips. He seems to be legit. Worth checking out if nothing else.
  12. sexyaf

    I QUIT

    I am doing dropshipping from last 1 year. I have listened to almost every GURU out there and have taken paid course of Ecom Elites. I have two stores , one general and one niche based. I am getting sales almost daily, but still i am not profitable. The dropship market is oversaturated now and...
  13. FreeMan228

    Dropshipping from Aliexpress, delivery time

    Hello guys, I see that a lot of people work with aliexpress, but I'm curious how do you deal with delivery time which some time might take 1 month?
  14. nsfw

    [First Post] Dilemma in Jumping into eCom/dropshipping!

    Hello my fellow members. I'm in a huge dilemma on weather to jump into the dropshipping boat or not. Is it still a good time or am I too late for the party. I have been reading a lot about Shopify/Dropshipping lately and want to know if it's already saturated. Thank you.
  15. BlackHatter_SA

    Seeking advice from Aliexpress Guru.

    Hi guys. I need some info from the Alie gurus regarding their affiliate program. I have a site that I am using a plug-in to extract products and input them into my WP site for me. The target audience was locally, South Africa, and not much internationally. Was also not a .com/.net etc site but...
  16. lockheadsr71b

    Advice needed - Dropshipping legalities.

    Hello, everyone I wanted to ask how legal is it to sell other people's merch with drop shipping. What can I sell ? And what will get me in trouble ? For example can I sell branded merchandise ? (clothes, mugs, keychains, etc) Something related to a movie, video game, anime, book, TV show ? Do I...
  17. T

    "Oberlo for Banggood" How to automate shopify orders?

    Hey guys, This is probably a pain point for a lot of sites that are scaling up. I started a Shopify store in January that now does about 50K/mo in revenue. Will be making a guide post soon explaining my method. Started off simple, dropshipping all the products from AliExpress and "automating"...
  18. mhdfaran

    Aliexpress Affiliates Portal Not Showing Earnings

    I buy lots of products from aliexpress with my affiliate link but in portal clicks and earnings not showing. Any Advice?
  19. JustHicham

    Do Ebay Allow Dropshipping From aliexpress

    Hi guys i m planing to start Dropshipping from aliexpress, is this against ebay tos ?
  20. V

    Need Video Ideas for Shopify and Amazon FBA!!

    Hey Everyone, Victor Martinez here, I just started my new youtube channel about with Tips & Tricks, as well as "How to" videos about Shopify and Amazon FBA. Channel is both in English and Spanish. I would love to hear from for you guys about what you would like for me to cover in this...