1. Dems7

    Reels Algorithm | Facebook Vs. Instagram

    Hello everyone, I have recently started growing an Instagram page. It seems like it is very competitive nowadays compared to old days, 1 week in I have 110 followers and quite minimal reach: the followers were mainly coming through follow4follow, so I imagine the reels views as well. So I have...
  2. N

    How to climb fyp with tiktok e commerce account?

    Hi there, I have an e-commerce account. I've been trying to maintain it, and it just get 200 views, no comment and like for every videos I uploaded. Maybe someone can help me with the algorithm or tips to get fyp? I feel like I already do everything youtube taught me change content or search...
  3. robin222

    The algorithm update ended in October, and the disappeared pages have not been restored.

    I saw that the core algorithm update in October was over, but the four pages that disappeared on October 17 have not been recovered. The indexing of the four pages is still normal and there is no penalty. What should I do?
  4. S

    Spotify Algorithm Streams

    Hey everyone im currently offering Spotify Algorithmic streams. I offer different packages and can show you its legit and campaigns ive done recently and im currently doing
  5. RugerIP

    Urgent : Run Multiple TikTok Accounts?

    Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. ;) About: I am looking for someone to help me in the best direction to reach my goals. Please read below to understand my situation. Situation & Questions: My niche violates terms of service on TikTok. Any account I use will be banned...
  6. R

    Hey Guys, can anyone help me? Should I use rel="noindex nofollow noopener or rel="nofollow noopener, to noindex a pdf on my page?

    So, I have seen an error on my search console that a few pages are not indexing due to presence of this tag (rel="noindex nofollow noopener). I have used these tags to noindex a particular pdf on my page. Here is the page link - [edited by a mod] Now this tag (rel="noindex nofollow noopener) is...
  7. Silverfrog

    How long before an account starts leaking into the hashtags and discovery page?

    Hi there, I am trying to grow an art / spiritual page on IG. My first time trying this sort of thing. I have noticed the algorithm isn't doing me any favours. Despite having huge engagement (40%+ of people who see the post, like it - consistently) The algorithm doesn't push the content out to...
  8. A

    Chaturbate and Stripchat traffic

    Hello My name is Anna and I'm a chaturbate and stripchat model.I want to rank higher and get more people to my room. How does their algorithm work ,cause I have heard many different things? What are some free or premium ways to get ranked higher? Regards, Anna
  9. D

    Twitter isnt notifying accounts that I like or follow?

    The idea behind follow4follow is when you like or follow someone they will follow you back, when they see the notification. Is this issue being experienced by others? Is it because of new accounts, the ip or is twitter just broken?
  10. V

    Can YouTube Channels Recover from a Bad Algorithm Score or do you have to create a new one?

    Hi guys, so I think I hurt my algorithm score by fiddling with Thumbnails on my YouTube shorts. Short explanation: I posted my YouTube shorts (made them public) for about 30 seconds to check what Thumbnail I would be getting. Usually YouTube would auto-select a pretty bad thumbnail, so I...
  11. Castamir

    [GUIDE] There are some things that make links really powerful and effective. This is how to boost the effects of your links to get rankings.

    If you’ve spent any time experimenting with SEO, you probably know that links are essential to ranking organically in the search engine results pages (SERPs). To Google, a link is more than just a nice gesture. It’s a vote of confidence that your website is credible and trustworthy...
  12. V

    Did I kill my channel doing this?

    Hey , So I have a YouTube Channel, specializing on Shorts. As most of you know, YouTube automatically picks a Thumbnail. Since I want to optimize my thumbnail, I first upload my video and publish it for 30 seconds just to check what Thumbnail I get, then I set it on private again. If I’m not...
  13. Castamir

    What is the biggest SEO mistake people are still making?

    Google is the undisputed god of organic traffic on the web. To win more traffic, you need to play its game, you need to adhere to the rules. Some people are breaking the rules and making mistakes. Which ones have you noticed the most? I will go first: if Google thinks an update to a web...
  14. Sartre

    ▶️ 7 places where you can track Google Algo changes + Bonus ◀️【Sartre's tips】

    Algo trackers: Ad revenue trackers...
  15. C

    Ranking Youtube livestreams

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out the do's and dont's and the exact method for making your YouTube livestream rank among a search-term. For example the search term "csgo" I have the keywords selected that are relevant, and several thousand viewers and likes on the livestream, but I do not...
  16. SocialManager

    What is the most valuable unsolved mystery in internet marketing?

    Which company's algorithm would you pay millions to understand fully? Which website dominating the SERPs do you dream of being able to copy? What viral campaign still blows your mind to this day?
  17. G

    Can someone tell me what is the point of spamming shorts?

    And how do people dont get banned? Where can I find sites that I can promote in my videos, like those Robux and Vbucks craps?
  18. L

    Likes vs. Comments

    What's more powerful according to the algorithm? A like or a comment?
  19. F

    YouTube Shorts new account growth question

    Hey I have recently created a new shorts channel. I have uploaded 40 videos and currently doing 7-10 videos a day. All videos pretty much get zero views except for this one I attached the analytics of. My channel is averaging 18% CTR on 750 impressions. How is this channel not blowing up...
  20. jem001

    Google doesn't care about unique articles anymore

    I just discovered something new or probably not with Google. I posted an article on my blog using the same article from a famous blog. No rewrites and full of plagiarism. It was over 1500 words. After I posted it, I went to the search engine and typed the url from my blog and guess what? It got...
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