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  1. U

    What's the best tool to detect AI-created content?

    detect AI-created content
  2. Panther28

    Growing a nice keyword blog slowly over a few years

    This is what can be considered a starting point for those that don't have the time to start of full time blog at first. This site I want to talk about is has about 50 posts, and is 3 years old this year. Never built any links and only has about 6 RD. It's never been added to google analytics...
  3. R

    Thoughts on SurgeGraph? They have a deal going on right now

    Anyone used SurgeGraph before? Saw a youtuber who ranked in 24 hours after using Surgegraph. They have a really sweet year end deal going on right now so im really tempted to get a plan. They apparently even have bulk content generation now, which is icing on the cake for me
  4. affpilot ai made site-3.jpg

    affpilot ai made site-3.jpg

    affpilot ai site getting million traffic from Bing
  5. affpilot ai made site-2.jpg

    affpilot ai made site-2.jpg

    affpilot ai site getting 27M impression from Google SERP
  6. Features.jpg


    AI Writing Features
  7. awfa111

    Best AI writer or custom GPT

    have paid Chatgpt- having a difficult time getting it to write anything meaningful, and over 550 words despite explicit instructions. I am going to need a lot of content, can manually spin the finished articles as I am very suspicious/convinced that every company will use anything I generate...
  8. jamesvick

    My AI Content Website Journey With Total Investment of $1.5

    So I was doing some research and found an upcoming product (thanks to AI) which will become a big thing in the future. I decided to build a website around it and see how everything goes. I wanted to post this thread just for updating the progress. Website Setup : The website was built on 28...
  9. SERPhustler

    AI-Powered Informational Content Creation with Human Editing ♐ Includes Keyword Research ♐ Starting at $2 per 1000 words ♐

  10. SEO Duke

    First sale alert!

    I'm so excited to share that I made my first Amazon affiliate sale after just 31 days of starting my AI content site! I started my AI content site because I'm passionate about new technologies and I wanted to see what was possible with AI. I've been using GPT-3.5 and 4 to generate high-quality...
  11. white_collar_deviant

    [ Journey ] FAFO - Building AI Websites To $1,000 a month

    A GOAL: $1,000 a month through display and affiliate income B GOAL: Achieve profitability ($75 a month) C GOAL: Develop a system to automate the whole building process TIMESCALE: 12 months (05/11/2024) OUTLINE: Within 12 months I'll aim to build at least one AI powered website to a monthly...
  12. Rosath

    Backlink tool that reads the page content and feeds it to GPT?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a backlink tool that feeds the page's content (or at least the headers) to GPT. As far as I understand, GSA SER only feeds the keyword. My goal is to have actually relevant comments; I don't want to post unrelated, general stuff to the article. Ideally I can add my...
  13. getakash1

    ✅Complete Blog management ( From Kw research to Content ) ❤️❤️ From $99/month - Absolutely HQ Content

  14. codeman1234

    Any good tutorial for zimmwriter?

    Hello, I been reading on forum a lot about AI content with zimmwriter, is there any good tutorial to follow to learn how to use this tool? Thanks!
  15. Zagglon

    Unlock Your Passive Income Potential: AI-Powered Ezoic and AdSense Websites - Boost Your Revenue Today!

    Experience Rapid Results with Our 7-14 Day Turnaround (Max 14) Service! Unlock Premium Services at an Unbeatable Price! Act Fast - Be Among the First 10 Customers and Enjoy a $50 Discount on Our Premium Package! ‍First Come, First Served - Secure Your Discount Today! We're Eager to Serve You...
  16. techgeek2021

    (AI Content) 20k Articles in 2 Months - 12 Million Organic Traffic - £60K per month

    This website published 20K pages in 2 months, generating 12 million organic traffic, and they make over £60K per month in passive income. This is the largest AI hijacking of the SERPs that the world has ever seen. Welcome to CooPWB. Here is their timeline: Somewhere in 2023: ↳They bought an...
  17. V

    Need to Earn only $15-$20 Per Day Using AI Content

    Hi All, I am in desperate need of money and I don't have months of time to grow my blog and then start earning. What I want: Want to create blog posts using Chatgpt 3.5 manually and without doing any major modifications and then post them on my blog and then apply for Adsense to start...
  18. janist

    AI TO WP - Python Script </> Automatically Post AI Content to Your Wordpress Site </> Full Source Code Incl. </> Only $49.00

    AI TO WP Content Poster (Python Script) Automatically post thousands of AI generated articles to your wordpress site. Tired of long, complex sales pages? Us too. So here's what you'll get. A custom-coded Python script that can automatically post AI-generated content directly to your...
  19. Pam Danny


    IS YOUR WEBSITE SUFFERING FROM: - Ghost Town syndrom? - Poor Search Engine Rankings due to Low-quality articles? - Low Traffic due to Low SERPs ranking? - AdSense Disapproval for low quality Content? - Negative Brand Perception? - High Bounce Rates due to Uninspiring content? THEN, YOU NEED -...
  20. CB20C3

    [REQ]Can anyone compare those two Ai written articles ? Which one better?

    I have written an article with RankWizard .ai and another one of mine . Which one better :
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