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  1. V

    [Giveaway] 20 AI Generated Articles for Each Member

    Hi guys, I am giving away 20 AI-generated articles to each member. What I need from you: Keywords What you will get: CSV file containing the articles with titles. The articles can range from 500 to 1000 words. Leave a comment here, and I will PM you for the details. Note: The articles will...
  2. D

    Google is good at detecting AI generated content only for english language?

    What guys do you think about AI-generated content in other languages, can google identify with other languages, or Is this only good at finding in the English language?
  3. itz_styx

    ✅⚡ ARGO AI Article Creator ⚡Generate Hundreds of Articles in Minutes With Advanced Prompt Templates for Human-Like Content

    ARGO AI ARTICLE CREATOR Generate 100 Articles in under 2 minutes ! Create articles in bulk lightning fast with up to 100 threads, or work on single articles through an interface similar to the OpenAI playground. You might think, "Okay, yet another AI article creator based on OpenAI," however...
  4. Johnpeterburs

    ChatGPT + Human edited touch + LinkedIn Articles: Escaping from Google's View?

    Does Google have any role in putting its nose on LinkedIn articles generated by ChatGPT alongside with a bit of human touch for perfection? As LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft, and ChatGPT does belong to the same group; should we think the combo goes in smoother or any dipping dragons penetrate to...
  5. sendlerad

    [BETA TEST/REVIEW COPY] ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform.

    Hello, We offer 3 - 1 month access licenses, to - ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform. Requirements: 1. Any member with at least 100+ posts, who can show that they have opened ALL required API access accounts listed on our...
  6. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform. OpenAI PAA & Amazon WordPress Autoblogging SaaS Platform ChatGPT/OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Powered – WordPress ‘Google Snippets + PAA’ & WooCommerce ‘Amazon Affiliate’ Autoblogging – AIO Platform! WHAT TO EXPECT Core Features: $1490 Lifetime...
  7. indianmojojojo

    Unlimited One Click GPT3 Open AI Articles, Feedback, FAQs, Email generator | AI Rewriter | SEO Optimized | 5 Languages | 6+ use cases | ...

    Create unique, high-quality content for your business with minimal effort. Content Stack tools have revolutionized the way businesses create content and reach their target audiences. STRIKINGLY POWERFUL, YET UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE Cloud based unlimited plans: 29 USD / MONTH (Usually 60 USD)...
  8. robin222

    Is it OK to use ChatGPT to write content for the pages of the website

    I just launched a website, and I want to write content for the "About Us", "Privacy Policy", "Contact Us" and other pages of this new website via ChatGPT. Is it possible? is it safe? Will it be detected by Google as AI content and be punished?
  9. seo_alexa002

    [Adsense Approval Method] For Brand New Blog Using AI Content

    One Month Back I Registered a Domain , Installed Wordpress At Start , Daily 2-3 Articles Was Posting Using AI Tool After 10 Days , started Posting 20-30 Articles Per Day Once the 500 Articles Were Published and all the Custom Pages Like Disclaimer , Privacy Policy, About Us , Contact us...
  10. amanguy

    [My Newbie Journey] GPT + Grammarly + Expired domain

    Hi all. This is my first journey in BHW :) I'm going to start a blog in pet niche (Sub-Niche) with ChatGPT and grammarly for better English isn't good enough and I'm totaly noob in generated content but have much more experience in SEO (On-page and Off-page). Let's See how it Goes...
  11. Abdullah Prem

    Google Green signals AI content - Latest news from Google

    Google answered the below question about using AI content. Is AI content against Google Search's guidelines? Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against our guidelines. This means that it is not used to generate content primarily to manipulate search rankings, which is against our spam...
  12. HenryObi

    [Case Study UPDATE] Why You Should Not Used AI Content Writers

    Last week I posted this case study by Matthew Woodward and it received mixed reactions. Today he has updated it, this time including OpenAI's AI content detection tool. The results are equally interesting especially as only a little over 50% of the articles passed its test. Perhaps it's what...
  13. HenryObi

    [Case Study] Why You Should Not Used AI Content Writers

    This is a case study by Matthew Woodward. In the case study, ran multiple content generated by different AI tools, through seven AI and plagiarism detection tool. Of all the AI content only ones from Frase and Jasper were not detected as AI written. It is an interesting case study if you're...
  14. jootess

    Will Google penalize AI content?

    Will Google penalize AI content?
  15. HenryObi

    This Is ChatGPT Content After 10 Days Of Going Live

    The argument and numerous questions about ChatGPT and whether content written with the help of the Bot/AI would rank is actually weak. An example is the one on the screenshot I would share. This post was published on the 21st of this month, while I didn't notice the day it debuted on the SERP...
  16. aurim

    How a popular marketing agency can be screwed over by AI content

    Was curious to find more about a lead gen tool @uncutu recently mentioned in some thread. I have instinctively chosen a Google top 5 result, and while landing there and starting to read, mayhem unleashed: And a whole subheading here, damn... Needless to say, this is a high-profile...
  17. digi robot

    Adsense Keep Rejecting My AI Site.

    Today Adsense rejected my site saying 'Low value content' for the second time. Site started on November. There was around 11 posts when I first applied for Adsense. content is written using few AI tools. answer targeted articles words around 1000 -1500. related YT video, featured image and 1...
  18. WPRipper

    How to destroy your own AI writing tool

    I've read an article written by Justin McGill, founder of Content at Scale, in which he explained some things about AI writing. At some point, he wanted to demonstrate how "well' the tool is performing and linked to an article - link here Now, on the website, there's an AI content detector -...
  19. huntermanager

    [MY OPINION] AI Generated Articles - The New Toxic of the Internet

    Youtube will be even more important because of AI Generated Articles. Why? These disgusting, robotic, repetitive articles teach us nothing. Every time I want to research something, these stupid robotics articles pop up. And I can't find a clear answer about what I want. So after saying "f*ck...
  20. Mr. Grinder

    ❤️GPT 3 unique Ai blog machine 2.0❤️ 99% Accurate⚡Unique article⏩ Auto poster⏩Auto On-page SEO⏩Auto images & videos❤️Build Ai blog while you sleep❤️

    Finally, the tools and software you have ever dreamed of are near your hand. I am presenting you a completely automated Ai blog builder that produces unlimited high-quality articles with HQ images and videos and directly posts them on your sites! It takes 5 minutes to setup, load your keywords...