ahrefs account

  1. megaMind007

    Suggest me best SEO Groupbuy on BHW for Ahrefs

    Last few days I have faced lots of difficulties with ahrefs which I'm using on the Groupbuy Tools, they can't fix the issues with using the tools. Is there any reliable SEO GroupBuy Tools seller can support the Ahrefs plz mentioned him or send me a pm. It would be great help for me. Thanks in...
  2. curious_

    Ahrefs is nuts with the new Credits system

    Hey guys, I was so eager to use new Ahrefs features like Site Structure so I ended up switching from my Legacy plan on Ahrefs to their new plan. But this new plan is horrible -> for $399/month you get just 500 credits. Almost every click in Ahrefs cost 1 credit. You clicked on Organic Keywords -...
  3. mainceaft

    Can I count on ahrefs data to create new website ?

    Hi, I just start using ahrefs couple days ago, honest I found most of it KW's analysis tools useful, But I'm curious about Keyword difficulties and domain rating metrics they have are they accurate and hoe much, In pas I used Ahrefs to analyse competitors links and it was not that accurate...
  4. mainceaft

    Good plan for Ahrefs account

    So I used to do my KW search competitions analysis on Ahrefs when it was offers free trial account, (I had multiple that time) Now on their website I see this 7 days trial plan. So about ~5 Yrs ago, I lost or my ranked website , It's was about wide niche I understand it very well, but the...
  5. theIMMachine

    Does anyone have an extra Ahrefs license to share?

    Hi I was using a groupbuy seo tool (flikover) & it got a 20/day domain search limit. If any of you having an extra license to share, it would be really helpful. Also please suggest any groupbuy seo tools which might not be having such a limitation.
  6. I

    Ahrefs Trial Method Not Working - Any Fix?

    In the past, we could have just used a different email id and same credit card same address, and name (everything) to create an ahrefs trial account, but it's not working anymore. I need 10 Ahrefs Trial Accounts every month with direct login, Any solution people?
  7. Dimitris Angel

    Ahref Shared Account

    Is there any legit shared account seller for Ahref Tool ; The price for me is bit too much , i would like pay for a shared account . Thanks in advance
  8. john carry

    Can anyone Export Ahref and Semrush reports

    If anyone do for me. Thanks in Advance
  9. Jacob-uk

    ahrefs account for free

    Any one can share ahrefs email address and password no need pro account just need a trail account
  10. O

    Free Ahrefs Backlink Report

    Hi, I am giving away free backlink report from Ahrefs. Steps to Follow: 1. Comment on the thread 2. Send a PM with the URL to be extracted from ahrefs 3. I will reply, as soon as possible
  11. yesitspossible

    AHREFs got angry?

    Hi BHW Members, I was creating AHREFs Trial Account and using from a year but recently I found that it's under some updates and either cancelling or downgrading the accounts. Is it happening only to me or everyone?
  12. Akashch47

    Can anyone give me access to his ahref account For some hours

    Can anyone give me access to his ahref account For some hours
  13. L

    Request Ahrefs.com premium accounts!

    Can anyone provide ahrefs id+pass ? don't worry about deal. I need it argent dear seo specialist friends.
  14. G03

    Ahrefs account

    Where can I find an Ahrefs account for cheap?
  15. megaMind007

    Exchange SEO tool

    Hi, I have ahrefs subscription but I need SEMrush and i want to exchange my ahrefs those who have SEMrush account ... plz, PM me if anyone interested. Thanks in advanced!
  16. Talha SEO King

    Digital Marketers Question -- 1 Gift for Best Answer

    Hi BHW Members, Since the evolution of Internet; what do you think is the best way to make money online for Digital Marketers in March, 2017 and why? Most powerful answer will be awarded 1 AHREFs Standard Account for free.
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