1. Helen Tang

    Need European agents who can do review

    I will offer the free products, need agent find the people to review them, available for United Kingdom,Germany,France,Spain and Italy。 We will pay you the commission,if you can do it, please contact with me.
  2. Helen Tang

    Need agent find customers test Spray Nozzle

    Hello all, I am looking for agent find customers to test my Spray Nozzle, offer the free Spray Nozzle, no review, I need German testers. email: [email protected]
  3. jadezoole

    Suggest an AI application

    In the following month, I will work on an AI application rating site where you could find top edge intelligent software and hardware available for public. Several years ago as a young adult I was extremely interested in AI and I was eager to use intelligent agents that work on behalf of me and...
  4. obajoey

    Supplier/Agent from China?

    Please I need a genuine supplier that I can be buying good shoes (dress shoes) and all other stuff from in China or anybody that work as an agent and he is based in China who could help in getting the goods and ship down to me. Anybody please? I plan to be buying in smaller quantity at first...
  5. E

    Taobao Agent - Air/Sea Cargo Shipping Service Available - Quick Service - Low Fee

    Hello, I am able to provide shipping directly from China/Hongkong to worldwide. Cheapest shipping service is Air-Cargo which will cost lower than Standard Express companies such as (TNT | DHL | FeDex) and will arrive in a Standard Time. Taobao (Chinese largest Portal for buying/Selling, can...
  6. J

    Looking for a fairly inexpensive Taobao agent.

    I am looking for a Taobao agent who has low service and shipping fees. I own a large amazon store and I can promise big and reliable orders. If you PM me please tell me your fees and shipping policies. Thank you for your time.
  7. C

    Looking for an affordable + reliable Taobao agent

    Hey, I like this site, plan to stay active. I searched around for threads like this, found many, but I still wanted to post my own to see the ones currently available. I plan to resell Jordans through Taobao. I've looked into Taobaoring, Zarmark, Yoybuy, etc. and the fees make it hard to make...
  8. vcd0304

    Buying Niche Products from Taobao and Shipping it to Your Country

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last post anything on BHW, but I do come back once a while to read new post and learn from you guys. I've been moving around in the last year, I used to live in Australia, for 13 years of my life, now I've moved back to my hometown which is Hong Kong. Doing...
  9. M

    How-to: Change your user agent

    Hi, I found this method to easily change your user agent and I wanted to share it with the forum. First of all you have to use Mozilla Firefox (i think most of us do) go to Extra --> Add-ons now in the search field enter 'User Agent' Normally the add-on 'User Agent Switcher' comes up in first...
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