How-to: Change your user agent

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    I found this method to easily change your user agent and I wanted to share it with the forum.

    First of all you have to use Mozilla Firefox (i think most of us do)
    go to Extra --> Add-ons
    now in the search field enter 'User Agent'
    Normally the add-on 'User Agent Switcher' comes up in first place of the search list
    install it
    restart firefox
    download the following xml list:
    go to Extra --> User Agent Switcher --> Options --> Options
    here go to User Agents --> import
    select the xml file and click on open
    click ok

    If you go to User Agent Switcher again you will see tons of different user agents.
    Just select one to change your agent ;)

    I hope I helped some people because I spend a lot of time to find the xml file
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