age domain

  1. indra ks

    Where i can sell this Domain?

    i have adult domain ,where i can sell ?
  2. R

    Domain age : wich benefit?

    Hello, I want to get the domain hxxps://lmc(dot)fr by contacting the owner. The domain is very poor (AS:5,backlinks :240 but clean), but the name match with my "industry" and look old. I would like to know if the domain will rank " easily" like an old domain even with poor quality? (real...
  3. Stianos

    How important in site age?

    Quick question. We have a bit more authority as the website ranking above us. We also have better optimized H tags. However the two things they are winning on is Code to text ratios and a much older site to the tune of 5-6 years. How important is site age in this, or is there something else I'm...
  4. siddharthkk

    I want Aged Yelp Account Reveiws

    I want Aged Yelp Account Reveiws i can pay $1 for Each Reviews and i need and 20 Reviews daily. You can Skype me at siddharth.kanojia8 Thanks
  5. M

    New Site, Done the basics, 80% SEO Score but not ranking yet

    Hi All I just created a new site almost a month ago, I've done all the basics mentioned in the sticky posts above and then some. submitted to google, bing and dmoz. All White Hat SEO Just did an SEO check with seositecheckup and was given a score of 80% but I'm getting about 0 - 10 page views...
  6. M

    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Hi All I started my first site about 8 months ago and within the last two months I started seeing some real changes in my traffic and leads, strictly white hat, no packages or anything. Now I just started another site and wanted to know how long does it take for a site to age appropriately...
  7. A

    My Blackhat Method For Incubating Domains

    So I wanted to share my trick for incubating domains that you are not going to currently use, but will be using in the future. This works wonders, and when you are ready to use your domain, this will generate a good amount of traffic to your new site! 1.) Find an active forum that is related to...
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