1. zotix

    Domain Flipping - Decreasing my Portfolio - Sell "blank" or increase DA, BL etc. before?

    Dear BHW Community, I'm doing Domain Flipping for a bit of a while. Currently, my portfolio is getting bigger and bigger (no advertising). In the years before, it was much easier to hand-reg a domain, buy an expired or dropped one, and sell it with profit after a while. In the last couple of...
  2. Kamil Witakowski

    Afternic parking problem

    Hello everyone I using parkings over the years and now want to back to afternic but there is a problem my domains are parked with ns1 and ns2 afternic DNS but it not showing anything (DNS are good and it want to open site but there is nothing there it showing blank page). My parking status on...
  3. D

    Afternic or Sedo??

    What service do you usually prefer for your domain parking- Sedo or Afternic?? I don't mind earning a couple of bucks extra but whatever gets my domain sold faster is the better place. In my view, Afternic has worked well in my case. What about you guys??
  4. G

    Afternic Offers Free Membership In April

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