1. prophecyprojekt

    High Value Affiliate Offering - Invest in XR

    Greetings BHW JVs, We are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign for XR startups. The commission for investor referrals is 5%. There are strict SEC which we all have to abide by but if you have a high volume blog or large opt-in list, a single investor could be worth more than $1million...

    ADLEADPRO - CPA network with 5k+ in-House & Exclusive MVAS | MOBILE CONTENT | SWEEPSTAKES | CPI | NUTRA | FINANCE

    Hi there, BlackHatWorld! We're so glad to introduce to you our Affiliate Network! We are ADLEADPRO, an affiliate network with over 5000+ exclusive offers (including in-house offers) from all over the world. And when we say “exclusive” we mean “exclusive” - offers that you won’t find easily by...
  3. brp

    Whats the best Affiliate Program out there? High commissions?

    Getting my head round working online, and slowly making commissions. I would like to put all my hard work into a direction where its going to pay off the best in the long run.
  4. aku4mu

    How to Get Good and Durable Sales $$$$$/Day

    Hello Friends / Colleagues, I am a newbie Affiliate Program, but I just want to share a little knowledge for newbies who are still confused in running this program. In this program, what we need is: 1. Domain (Old Domain; to be easily indexed) but look for one that has a record in either Bing...
  5. Meekfelicia

    Chartubate Affiliate earning trick

    Hi What method do you guys use in promoting chartubate,i use twitter and got 52 hits no signups. Can I get a tip on the porn re-upload method Thanks
  6. M

    maximum affiliate program list

    Hello, My all BHW friends share to maximum affiliate program list for you
  7. ByOffersCPA – monetize EDU traffic into BIG money!

  8. S

    Chaturbate money problem...

    So I signed up on chaturbate thinking it was a good idea. But when i get people to sign up I receive no money... I mean i only use the promo codes instead of a website at the moment, could that be the problem? I don't know i just need some help on what i am doing wrong and how i can fix it. If...
  9. C

    Does Clickcabin shave or pay?

    Hi guys, please i really need your thoughts on Clickcabin, as am contemplating registering with them for anyone that has worked with them before, do they pay well or shave a lot, is there well pay per lead offers and do they have international offers that pay well?Please let me know. Thanks.
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