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  1. R

    Hello Everyone, this is a questions for everyone.

    I hope you're all well. What are your guys different tactics, tricks and techniques to promote an affiliate link? Other than YouTube, social media like fb Instagram etc or maybe ads or without owning a website. What are your different effective methods to promote an affiliate link? I know that...
  2. Patrickdandy

    Top 10 affiliate Money, affiliate, programs, products, make money

    An affiliate network is a platform where product owners list their products and invite affiliate marketers to promote them in exchange for a commission. 1. Amazon Associates 2. eBay Partner Network 3. Jet 4. Target 5. Walmart 6. Clickbank 7. JVZOO 8. Warrior Plus 9. VigLink 10. SkimLinks This...
  3. jacvzla

    Looking for affiliate programs that provide marketing content

    Hey guys, I have been doing extensive research for an affiliate program preferably in the health / weight loss industry that provides marketing content that can be posted regularly on instagram. My idea is to drive traffic that converts using Instagram to capture all the audience. I have...
  4. Harnur

    What TYPE of Affiliate offers CONVERTs best in Native Advertisement(Outbrain, Taboola) ?

    I am looking to invest in native ads, but there are soo many products to choose from and not to's difficult to get a targetted audience in native ads. So, what kind of affiliate offers shud I promote in the native advertisement?
  5. EdgarW

    Would this affiliate program be interesting for you as for experienced marketers?

    Hey everyone. My friends have recently launched an affiliate program for their product AliDropship, which is one of the best solutions in its niche with thousands of users worldwide and in high demand. They've recruited around 200 affiliates so far, but having trouble finding active and...
  6. H

    Hello and good day. Looking to get started in Affiliate Marketing

    I'm a complete newbie to internet marketing and Affiliate marketing. Fear not!! lol... I'm not here to ask stupid or annoying questions. I have been spending a considerable amount of time researching affiliate marketing and the basics of it. Of course no one who ever starts gets in the business...
  7. hpasha

    ★★ Highly Researched Product Reviews/Money Site Content for Affiliate Marketers ★★

  8. MplusH

    Need HELP on Offers & Strategy For Email. HAVE > 600K targeted list, Landing Page & bulk sender

    Have: 600K valid (checked) FLA biz owner emails Have: Email Software Bulk Sender, Verifier, etc Have: Landing Page Ready Need: What is the best strategy to use here with a complete list of random emails of Business Owners (Businesses that have revenues over $1m) all info I have. All emails are...
  9. J

    Choosing Affiiate Marketing Products for Beginners !

    Hello, Friend's i am Jaykumar and I am Internet Marketer and Blogger too. I create this thread to communicate the major steps before choosing any new affiliate products specially for affiliate marketing beginners. So, I would like to invite you to share your own opinion for which steps are...
  10. Hopeful

    How to Setup an Affiliate Program

    I want to start an affiliate program for my t-shirt business using Wordpress/Free Plugins. However, I was wondering what kind of things people look for in a program. The product itself is only $15 and US only. I was thinking I could give $5 to the affiliate, is this is a good commission? In...
  11. J

    How Would I Start My Own Affiliate Program?

    Could someone briefly explain the easiest way to go about starting my own affiliate program for a product or website I am or have already started?
  12. J

    Tools & Websites that tell Converting Products

    I am looking for a tool or website that gives up to date information on converting product. Anyone with an idea?
  13. J

    Best Converting Niches this Season

    Any one with a tool or website that gives up to date information on what is converting, lets say this October?
  14. J

    Up to date Tools & Websites that tell Converting Products

    as an affiliate marketer at cj, clickbank and clicksure, I sometimes find it hard to know what is converting, e.g this October. anyone with the knowledge of a tool or website that give up to date info on converting products/services?
  15. D

    Can anyone recommend some sites where I can post my affiliate program?

    I am looking for affiliate forums or sites where I can post my affiliate sales pitch and get people to sign on to our affiliate program. Also if anyone here is interested you can pm me. I would post in the affiliates section but i'm not a junior VIP. Alright thanks for the help.
  16. E

    Promote my JVZoo Product 60% per sale plus bonuses! [Popular Niche]

    I've recently listed my product with JVZoo. The product is an ebook in the health/fitness/exercise/bodybuilding niche. The ebook sells for $25 with 60% commission ($15) going to the affiliate. Also, to further encourage promotion of my product, I will be giving out bonuses to high sellers: For...
  17. B

    Affiliate Program 50% commission

    Affiliate Program - win 50% commission - forex products. Who want to join me? I use RegNow system Here is my website Thanks
  18. B

    Affilorama: One product for all affiliate launches

    This is one product to all newbies in market of affiliate marketing.. You do not know how this affiliate marketing works, how you should promote your website or how you can earn a few bucks with just doing a few silly things on internet. This product is for you. All you have to do is sign...
  19. imguy

    [QUESTION] Require Affiliate Program Like Clickbank

    Hi BHW members, I am looking for an affiliate programs which is like as clickbank. Payment options must be cheque and wire transfer etc for their affiliates. I don't need programs who just have paypal payment option for their affiliates. Please let me know best sources. P.S: No problem for...
  20. blackma

    I Need A Good Weed Affiliate Program that ships free to UK/Ireland

    Hey guys, I like weed. I want to sell the legal variety, you know the stuff you find in head shops. I have googled it, there are quite a few so...... To cut a long story short I was wondering if any of you guys have promoted this stuff and can recommend a trustworthy crowd to promote for...
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