affiliate networks

  1. intracon

    Offer GreenLine Media - your opinion and experience?

    Has anyone ever had any kind of experience of cooperation with them? Their website looks very strange and contains a few linguistic errors in texts. Design looks raw as well, but they have really good reviews on the internet. However, it's hard to get any answer from their support. Did anyone...
  2. intracon

    CPA networks with jobs offers besides MaxBounty?

    Does anyone have any ideas about CPA networks that have many full-time and side jobs offers besides MaxBounty? They suspended my account their pretty fast without any explanations. What networks should I try besides MaxBounty? Would be very grateful for any help.
  3. SeasonedCode

    Clickbank vs Jvzoo vs woriorrplus

    Hello BHW I just wanna ask about the best affiliate networks for wealth niche I prefer warrior plus What about you guys
  4. Q

    Track keywords in Tune (formerly Hasoffers)

    How can I track the keyword a click comes from when advertising on Bing or Google? Is there any specific macro I should use on my Tune tracking link?
  5. Q

    What is the best gambling affiliate network software?

    I have great affiliate deals from leading casino websites all over Europe, and I want to start monetizing from other affiliates, for that, I want to build a network so I could have other affiliates join it. What affiliate software (ie Tune, Post Affiliate Pro, etc) that can help me do that by...
  6. CoderFromHell

    Affiliate Networks with PPS Offers?????????

    Any recommendations on some Affiliate Networks with great PPS Offers, other than CrakRevenue. I have my hands dipped in their basket already but would like to have other means of income. Was working with ViceOffers but I see they're rebranding.
  7. S

    Affiliate Networks with Survey / Make money sites

    I am looking to switch my links from my current Affiliate network. Every month they seem to pay out later and later. A year ago they would have my check in the mail by the 5th. This month it's the 21st I still have not gotten it. However, I do make decent money with them. I promote legit...
  8. Affie Network CPA Network - Sweepstakes, Nutra, Dating and more

    About Us is a CPA/RevShare network, we work in various verticals, and we are always looking for more publishers. Our primary vertical is sweepstakes, where we work closely with the leading advertisers on the market. Our Publisher/Advertiser support is available all time of day, and...
  9. mr.y

    looking for beginner's affiliate networks as a vendor

    Hey everyone, I have 2 digital products i made. I am looking for affiliate networks which allows beginners without too much experience to join them. I joined clickbank and jvzoo as a vendor. other networks i found (like cj affiliates) need to vet you and some of the declined me because of my...
  10. Michael Michaels

    Is this the highest paying insurance lead offer?

    Has anyone worked with Next level media's ( insurance lead gen offer? I just got their ad on Facebook, and it claims to be the "highest paying, no-nonsense insurance lead gen offer". It claims to have no scrubbing of leads. Can anyone confirm this? I've worked with...
  11. Mananbir Singh

    Help with finding affiliate Network

    Hi I am using email for affiliate marketing and was trying to find an affiliate network who have bing offers . Right now i am sending most of my traffic to yahoo offers and those are converting well . So was thinking about trying bing offers too . Is their anyone who knows about an...
  12. W

    Recommended affiliate programs with easy acceptance?

    I have been looking at some affiliate programs and have been signing up, however, as I currently don't have a website or mailing list I have been struggling to get accepted. My plan however is to use the links and send them through community websites and freelancing sites, while building up...
  13. pj777777

    Anyone recognize this network?

    TIA Pj777777
  14. J

    Can my affiliate network trace the origins of my traffic?

    I am curious as to how far an affiliate network can trace where my traffic is coming from. I have my own website and I use other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Fiverr to advertise. If I was to direct users from my Facebook to my website, and then from my website to my affiliate...
  15. A

    Is There An End-All Be-All Affiliate Network? - Which Is Your Favorite? - Why?

    WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INPUT ON THIS... Is There An End-All Be-All Affiliate Network? - Which Is Your Favorite? - Why? I would much like to know if I am wasting as much time as I feel like I am; juggling several affiliate network accounts, waiting to see data and compare results over the next...
  16. leftyson4

    Help Finding Owners of Large Email Lists

    Does anyone have a suggestion for finding folks who've built huge mailing lists that are targeted towards health and chronic illness vertical? Seems like there should be some kind of directory on how to find these people to offer a partnership deal. On that note, if you know of any quality...
  17. mobidea team

    4 reasons why advertisers are capping your mobile campaigns

    Capping… This word doesn’t have one singular, single meaning in the affiliate marketing business. Indeed, when media buyers read this word, their mind automatically flies to this definition: capping is the number of views a specific IP user will see your ads within a specific period e.g. if I...
  18. Fbtrade

    How do i monetize sexy active Facebook fan page?

    Hi guys! I got many fan pages niche (sexy) , but have no income from it, do you guys have any idea how can i monetize my fan pages? Or help suggest me some good dating affiliate networks! Thanks :-)
  19. M

    Affiliates who adress Muslim Audience

    Hey, I seek Affiliate networks names which has an audiance that is Muslim. our company product is designated for this market. I seek names of affiliate network, maybe in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, or in the Arabic Gulf like Saudi Arabia, UAE... Any idea, direction will be highly...
  20. A

    Looking for Consultant for Affiliate Network Proposal as Advertiser

    Hi all! I am looking for a consultant or someone who can help get me into an Affiliate Network that is efficient for my niche industry. Research good Affiliate Networks for my industry without scammy affiliates Direct with all the necessary tools needed to get into an Affiliate Network (do we...
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